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UK Visa Services and UK Immigration Advice

uk-visasWe’re UK Visa experts; we manage migration to either enter or extend leave in the UK and we have the capabilities to ensure you meet the requirements set out in the Immigration Rules. Read our “latest legal” page to see changes to the law.

Our Legal Advisors are equipped to provide you with the correct UK Visa Advice:

  1. Robust Knowledge, as we always keep clients updated on the latest news, our colleagues are always in the know, we conduct in-house regular training programs assuring the latest rule changes are applied to every consultation.

  2. Quality Assured Advice for your inquiry, giving a clear identification of all the requirements necessary to meet the Immigration Rules and outlining documentation necessary.

  3. Documentation Audited, at ICS Legal the documentation you provide with the application clearly determines the success of any application, the policy on specified evidence needs to be provided to avoid refusals; it now becomes our work to give guidance to our clients exactly what documents are required.

  4. Confirmed Success, our advisors are in the ideal position to determine the success of an application in its preparation, we’re sure you’ll see the success in the way we prepare the application.

  5. Managing Migration, clients instruct us to ensure they are assured their application process is managed well, our case management system is integrated with our Client Section, keeping our clients informed on the progress of their application.

If you're still not sure about us, read more on the pages on the red bar, we are a regulated firm, OISC & ICO regulates us and we are listed by the Home Office, or just give us a call and speak to one of our colleagues on 0207 237 3388. You can also complete our visa assessment form by clicking herePart of our consultation services is to ensure we provide an assessment to ensure you meet the requirements, and after the consultation, clients are sent a consultation report which contains case notes, the advice, the action plan, the service ICS Legal can provide, and our costing.

You can now book consultations ONLINE by clicking here, or if you wish to discuss with us prior booking a session, then please find details of our contact with ICSLegal, or just log in to your Client Section.

Standard visitors & Business visas including investment in the UK

Visiting the UK, whether for holiday or business, the Home Office have introduced a number of key changes including your reasons for entry to the UK. The immigration system whilst being simplified, is the expansion to helping enterprises settle in the UK. 

Short-term business visas including enterpreneurs or businesses looking to set up in the UK, are part of the ever-changing visa routes. The business visit visa's cover any type of business-related trip, whether the candidate wishes to attend a seminar, conference, meeting, or any business-related event Read More >>

Visitor visas

There are many different types of visitor visas to the UK, mostly depending upon the purpose of the visit. Visits could be for general, business purposes, for study, or for medical treatment and for marriage.

UK Visitor Visas are required by many foreigners wishing to enter the UK for short stays. Whether you need a visitor visa depends on your nationality, the purpose of your visit, and how long you need to stay Read More >>

Extending visit visas in the UK

It is permissible to obtain an extension as a visitor based on your circumstances and the visa can be extended based on the reasons you wish to extend. You can read more information here Read More >>

Fiance visa

The UK fiancé or fiancee visa allows an individual to bring their fiancée or fiance into the UK to join them as long as they themselves have a settled status as a British citizen or permanent residence.

To have a settled status means that the individual is living in the UK lawfully with no time limit on their stay. If you are outside the UK and are returning to settle then your partner, you can apply for a UK fiance or fiancee visa to join you at the same time Read More >>

Marriage visa also referred as spouse/partner visa

The UK spouse/marriage visa category enables a husband, wife, or civil partner, as well as those on a durable relationship of a British national or a person who is settled in the UK to apply for leave to enter or leave to remain in the UK.

The spouse/civil partner must apply for entry clearance before traveling to the UK. Entry clearance visas are issued for an initial 33 month period and can be extended for a further period of 30 months. Children of the marriage/partnership who are under 18 years of age are granted entry to the UK as dependants in line with the main applicant Read More >>

Indefinite leave to remain (ILR)

Where a person or their family members have completed a continuous periods of residency, the right to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR); this is also known as permanent residency, can be applied for. Whether a person is settled at the time of the application or is dependent to a person settled in the UK, this application must be made in line with the immigration policies. 

Once you have acquired indefinite leave to remain, conditions on your visa does not remain however where a person spends considerable amount of time outside of the UK, there are risks associated to losing that status. Please find more information Read More >>


British Citizenship is where a non-British adults who have been granted indefinite leave to remain also referred to as ILR, can apply to become a British national. There are 6 forms of British nationalities and depending on your country of origin, you may be able to benefit from provisions based on the connections that you may have to the British empire. 

Unlike immigration matters, British nationality comes with a right to representation if refused and then you will need to follow through litigation to challenge any wrongful decisions. Where you have been served a deprivation order, a right to appeal before the First Tier Tribunal is available as the legal remedy. You can find more information related to British nationality by clicking Read More >>

Brexit, EEA Settlement Scheme & EEA Residence Permit

Following Brexit, we have now embarked on a number of changes to how an EEA national and their family members can continue to benefit from the free movement rights. The immigration rules have been incorporated with the settlement scheme and is open to those have been in the UK prior to the specified date. 

In some cases, applications are being accepted based on an individual circumstances and where the applications are refused, a right to appeal against the decision is open for the claimants. 

We know that the rules related to EEA nationals and their family members are more relaxed in comparison to our traditional immigration policies. Those who have been granted leave under the settlement scheme, will continue to benefit from those provisions. 

You can find more information related to those under the Brexit policies Read More >>

Start-up visa, Innovator visa and Entrepreneur visas

If your considering to start a business in the UK or have a business operation outside of the UK, the innovator visa is usually those who have an established business outside of the UK, and intend to set up in the UK. 

Where the business is classed as a new business, the endorsing body must be able to provide evidences to demonstrate that there has been significant contribution towards the business plan and will have an active day to day role in implementing this and is either the sole founder or an instrumental member of the founding team.

Where your considering to apply under the start-up visa, the visa route allows you to start a business in the UK and will need to demonstrate that the business idea is innovative, viable and scalable. 

The previous Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa categories are still in place for those already in the category or looking to extend or apply for indefinite leave to remain. You can read more on the legacy visa category here Read More >>

Sponsorship License

Enterprises looking to recruit human resources, are able to benefit from the sponsor licence program. The purpose of the licence system is to allow employers to recruit migrants to support in the enterprises competitiveness and build for profitability. Responsible employers are being tasked to ensure the immigration system are not abused and those who abuse the system, are ultimately struck off and fined. 

As the ever-changing immigration policies, the pace of how the changes are being implemented, have considerably changed over the last decade and we will see more changes on how the evolution on our immigration programs, building for growth and improve on the economical benefits that immigration brings. 

The sponsor licence program is effective for all migrants, whether your coming from the EEA or outside of Europe, everyone is now being governed through this change and you can read more about this here Read More >>

Student visa

Studying in the UK remains a main attraction for foreign students, and the introduction of the Graduate Vsa & the High Potential Individual (HPI) are the benefits of studying in the UK. The visa route as a student does count towards the long residency visa and dependants can also benefit from the change in immigration policies. 

As a student, you can benefit from provisions of both studying and working in the UK. Change into other immigration categories are possible and available. You can find more information related to the student visa route Read More >>

Tier 1 visas

The visa route under the Tier 1 remains open for those already in the immigration category, whereby they can extend or apply for indefinite leave to remain. You can read more on the evolving immigration routes here  Read More >>

Skilled worker and temporary worker visa

The skilled worker visa allows enterprises to recruit migrants where required, to support in their business growth. It helps to bring a change and the use of skilled workers, where it is possible to find someone in the UK.

The immigration route has now been simplified so that the employers are able to easily recruit migrants. Whilst with any immigration programs, it is open to abuse, the benefits outweigh the smaller margin of abuse. 

On the other hand, we have the temporary worker visas which helps businesses find migrant workers for short assignments. More information related to the skilled worker visas including tier 2 skilled worker can be found here Read More >>

Ancestry visa

Applicants for a UK ancestry visa must be aged 17 or over and must be Commonwealth citizens. You must have a grandparent who was born in the UK, Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man.

Applications may be considered valid based on the British birth of any one of your 4 grandparents, alive or deceased. (Please note that applications from applicants with a grandparent who was born in the Republic of Ireland before March 1922 are also valid). 

If you or one of your parents is adopted, you may be eligible for a family visa. You must be able to show proof of your adoption to be considered Read More >>

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