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Immigration Lawyers London, ICS Legal are an award-winning legal firm. Our core values are based upon providing good advice & build trust through this, so that our client’s, whether an enterprise and private client’s, are able to make an informed decision.

We help both enterprises and private clients on their immigration & nationality matters. Our experience and industry led expertise, places our Lawyers in a unique position.

We regularly work with Lawyers in other law discipline as well as Home Office, Tribunal & Courts, building our expertise in legal matters, which helps us to deliver exceptional client care when we handle matters for our client’s.

Our Lawyers help our clients through good immigration & nationality advice to advising on evidence required to completing the application and provide a complete end-to-end immigration service solution.

In reference to enterprise help, we provide services ranging from applying for a sponsor licence to skilled worker visas to global mobility visas to training & compliance.

Moving to our private client services, we help on the following legal matters:

1.     Immigration advice related to visa applications and processes.

2.     Application guidance to apply for a UK visa.

3.     Family and private life applications.

4.     Temporary work visas.

5.     Business visas including investment visas and entrepreneur visas.

6.     Global Talent, Innovator and Start-up visa applications.

7.     Applying for indefinite leave to remain also referred as settlement.

ICS Legal Immigration Lawyers can help and advice on all types of immigration appeals before the immigration tribunals and judicial reviews at the administrative courts. Further to this, our immigration and nationality advice extends to:

1.     Complex nationality matters including those who have lost their nationality through country independence.

2.     Human rights and applications on exceptional circumstances.

3.     Adoption related applications.

Reasons why you would wish to instruct an Immigration Lawyer?

Being independently rated as being a good immigration team over many successive years, we believe that ICS Legal can bring value to your immigration and nationality applications. Our guidance is required when you navigate through the complex immigration and nationality procedures. Rapid changes to the law, impacts how the decisions are made by the Government Agencies.

Where we deal with more complex immigration matters, such as removals, deportation or even deprivation of British nationality, our Immigration Lawyers work closely with criminal & family lawyers. This is to ensure that our advice is at the highest standards, as we believe this is then used by our clients to make an informed decision. ICS Legal are London based immigration law firm, which gives our client’s access to our services very quickly.  

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Through our immigration and nationality practice, we have been able to secure favourable outcomes in various stages of an application process, whether at an initial stage or at representation level, we are confident on our ways of working. We have built our know-how through experience, given the number of applications we submit to the relevant agencies. This places ICS Legal at a high level over the last 2 decades where we have built our knowledge-space on both immigration and nationality matters.

When dealing with enterprises, our reach is from start-up businesses, SME, large corporations, local council as well as social services, whereby we have created a trust-based relationship. Our value proposition to our client’s is our expertise in immigration & nationality legal matters.

Creating flexibility of delivering good immigration & nationality advice

We value time, which means, when delivering our legal services, ICS Legal through our technological services, deliver prompt immigration and nationality advice. 

Our way of working is to make sure we deliver good and favourable outcomes whether on an application or at an appeal. ICS Legal Immigration Lawyers carefully prepares and submits an application. Our instructions are always in written, to ensure that information and request of evidence are clear and concise.

We check and scrutinise evidence, to make sure you’re sending the right information and documents to the government agencies in respect to your immigration & nationality applications.

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Strategically based on being best Immigration Lawyers

Ranked as being a good immigration law firm, we strategies on being regarded as one of the best immigration lawyers.

We build our reputation not just serving our client’s, but our case preparation & submissions had been commended by both government agencies and the tribunal/courts.

ICS Legal take’s pride in our work delivery, so whenever we submit an application or an appeal or a trial bundle, we ensure the work is at high standards. It’s not all about submission and get something done but making sure all work is done with care. We place a high-level duty on our work-delivery.

Working with the Home Office & Government Legal Department

ICS Legal have over the last 2 decades been able to create a good-working relationship with the Home Office officials including presenting officers, British nationality team, entry clearance managers and entry clearance officers.

Matters related to complex nature or applications that remains outstanding, we are able to get guidance prior any submissions. The Home Office policy guidance’s are not always straight forward and through our legal channels, we are able to resolve matters without further escalations.

Immigration publications & program development

Our publications both on our blog and social media, is to remain connected with our enterprise and private clients on the ever-changing immigration and nationality changes. Given our industry-led expertise, we have created and built immigration programs that helps our clients in a number of ways.

Our enterprise led team can work with your immigration or human resources team to ensure that the current compliance guidance’s are being followed. We design, implement and monitor the immigration programs, ensuring the processes are being followed.

ICS Legal helps our enterprise clients with proactive changes to the immigration policies and programs, to help on their growth and as regulation changes.

Our technological innovations including applications to enhance our delivery of services to enterprises are a critical part. In most circumstances, we offer, recommend and deliver technological solutions.

Our London immigration team

Being London based, ICS Legal are able to service our client’s both nationally and internationally. Access to our services is usually done digitally, however we are open for clients to visit us, or we can do site visits on charge basis.

Our immigration and nationality team, help access to our services as quick and smooth, allowing our clients to value our work.

ICS Legal London immigration lawyers deals with enterprise and private clients. Our service spectrum ranges from immigration advice to application process to migration management.

We can help you make informed decisions related to investment business visas, start-up visas, study visas, skilled worker visas, or moving to join your family members in the UK.

For these reasons, our legal immigration advice is flexible and we provide different levels of strategic advice and help. We will make sure that your application is presented to the Home Office in the best possible way, with the highest possible outcome.

We have had considerable success in challenging the poor decision-making of government agencies, and we point out the advice where it would be considered necessary.

Thereby we can assist on appeals and challenges in courts (including the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Appeal, and the European Court of Justice) and tribunals.

Call us today on 0207 237 3388 or e-mail us your circumstances to info@icslegal.com when you. This page is for information purposes only.    

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