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Write an Invitation Letter for UK Visa

Visit Visa Invitation Letter

Invitation letter for a UK visa is required when a person is looking to sponsor someone to come to the UK. The purpose of the invitation letter is to allow the Home Office officials to consider a person looking to visit the UK and understand the nature of their visit to the UK.

Visiting the UK are a common visa routes and attracts the most in terms of visa refusal. It is important that the application and its sponsorship contains information related to the reasons for the travels to the UK. Simply having your statement endorsed is not sufficient to give its weight in contents.

The invitation letter is written to invite someone due to the particular event (graduation ceremony, wedding ceremony, annual day, exhibition, and others). In most cases, UK citizens write a letter to invite their family members to come to the United Kingdom.

However not all invite requires someone to attend a function or conduct an activity. A visit purpose is only required and this could mean, someone to visit the UK to see their friends, or to do some shopping. There are a number of permitted activities within the visit visa route. You need to check before a visit visa application is applied for, as the immigration rules does change.

Where the visa relates to visiting family, it is always a good practice for the family members to provide their confirmation through the invitation letter. The letter should explain the relationship and set out the details related to both the person coming to the UK and also the family members. The UK recognises that visiting family members are important, so applications are given due consideration when applied.

How to write a formal UK sponsorship letter?

The formal letter UK is sometimes called a sponsorship letter that can be written in a different format. There are some instructions to write a formal letter, such as

•    Introductory to the purpose of the letter.

•    Who you would be sponsoring and reasons for the sponsorship.

•    Details of the person being sponsored.

•    Include relevant information.

•    Sign and date.

The invitation letter for visa is written by a person who is resident ion the UK and forms an agreement that the person being invited would leave the UK after their visit. Whilst your invitation letter is not a formal document, it provides weight as a sponsor to the visa application.

Invitation letter for the UK visit visa

The UK attracts over 4 million visitors each year. It is important to note that, an application submission is conducting in accordance with the guidelines.

ICS Legal has introduced template documentation, which simplifies the process when applying for the visa. The ICS Legal Invitation Letter template will allow sponsors to have the specific information required by the Entry Clearance Officers to avoid any clerical mistakes.

The document will cover:

·       Guidance on how to prepare an invitation letter for a UK visa application.

·       Template documents that can be used for the purposes of an application.

Writing an address on the UK invitation letter

When writing a sponsor letter for the UK visit visa application, you must include the applicant’s full address and their personal contact details. This is then confirmed using the visa application form by the official who is considering the application.

In terms of the sponsor, you should also provide details of your address and contact details, so the contents of your letter can be verified. Usually, given that most information’s are available digitally, an official from the Home Office will cross reference those at the date of the visa application.

You do not need to address the invitation letter other than the decision-making centre where the person is applying from. In most cases, the applications are transferred to other DMC to deal with the visa application.

For example, a person could be applying from the US but their visa decision is made by the UKVI in Sheffield.  

How to format an invitation letter for the UK?

The letter does not need to be constructed in a particular way however it must contain valuable information for the Home Office officials to consider the visa application. The invitation letter is a paramount part of your visa application decision, so getting it right is very important.

It may impact future visa applications, as most applicants or sponsors, tend to give little weight until a visa application is refused. The Home Office uses your formal submission as a means to set out the reasons for the visit and once you move away from the submission, this can impact the visa application.  

ICS Legal visit visa guidance packs provides a comprehensive explanation on how apply for a UK visit visa and the template required for the visa itself. The invitation letter should be addressed to the entry clearance officer and must be dated. The letter must further confirm the details of the reasons for the travels and the level of support being provided by the sponsor.

It is usually the author who would dictate the contents and its flow of the invitation letter. It must be signed and dated in ink. Where applications are now decided digitally, submissions should be always signed in ink, as this provides a weight to the application.

How does the invitation letter sample look like?

The sample letter includes notes and information required for the sponsor to complete. It ensures that the requirements of the immigration rules are being met and that information connected to the application are then considered.

Importantly, the letter is to explain the reasons for the visit to the UK and also the purpose of the visit, so the entry clearance officer is able to determine the nature of the visit and whether this person would remain longer than they have claimed in the visa form.

How to buy one of our application guidance

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