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Getting UK Immigration Advice from expert legal Lawyers

Immigration Advice for Enterprises & Private Clients

We recognise that immigration matters can be extremely stressful, whether for an enterprise or an individual, which is why our client’s value our approach and strategies. ICS Legal take’s part into regular conferences and publications, setting out key changes that impacts our clients. We keep you informed through our social media channels and our publications.

Our experience and know-how, helps us deliver exceptional results, whether you’re making a simple visa application to the most complex matters, we are sure to advise you and provide helpful guidance.

Our reach is both nationally and internationally, places ICS Legal at a unique position, whereby we support our clients from migration relocation to enterprise compliance management to residency. We build trust through our constructive consultancy, making sure we put attention to detail and always deliver client care.

As enterprises look at opportunities to build a competitive edge from their competitors, at ICS Legal, we help your business become better through migration management & relocation services. We provide a complete end-to-end solution, making sure all the key compliance requirements are being met.

When it comes to our private client services, we understand that both you & your family will need to make sure you maximise your choices from visa opportunities to lifestyles. With the ever-changing immigration policies, rest-assured, our legal publication team ensures that all our Lawyers are versed into the changes through our immigration advice and helping you make valuable choices in visa selections. Our aim is to help you make the rights choices and minimise the risk of a visa refusal, so we make sure our advice is sound and clear.

Immigration advice and opportunities for private clients

As the UK Home Office decides on the application, ICS Legal are in a position to provide you with good and sound immigration advice. Our advice service is strategically tailored, as we learn more about our client’s circumstances and then provide clear, concise legal advice to help on their relocation to the UK or extending their stay here.

Our Lawyers are here to provide a complete end-to-end solution where we can help on immigration options which includes the following:

1.     High Potential Individual (HPI).

2.     Scale-up route.

3.     Global Business Mobility.

4.     Investor migration.

5.     Entrepreneur migration including business plans, business set-up and consultancy.

6.     Family visas including partners and children.

7.     Ancestral visas.

8.     Work visas including short and long term.

9.     Temporary visas including settlement & indefinite leave to remain.

10.  Passport & citizenship.

Whatever the approach you take, our Lawyers will help you navigate through our legal advice and guidance, making sure you have a good application to put forward.

We also appreciate that some of our private client’s requires bespoke immigration advice & help, so we offer the following to you:

  • Provide personalised immigration advice including visa advice & categories, discussing settlement routes.

  • Set out clear strategies based on our client’s needs.

  • Government & compliance filings including advice and strategy on other advisory help such as business managers, financial advisers, to name some of the help we can offer to help your relocation smoother in the UK.

  • We can help on location-based services where possible, so our team can visit you and your family members to deal with their application.

  • Document procurement, whereby we can liaise with third party and help gather & authenticate the evidence required.

  • Translation of documents.

  • Business and investment set-up.

Importantly, we operate on a strict confidentiality basis and being a regulated law firm, we ensure both your data & documents are secured with monitored access by our team. Our private clients’ places trust on ICS Legal to maintain this and we have both the experience & industry knowledge to maintain this. Our team is here to give our client’s thoughtful and strategic guidance through good immigration advice.

Helping enterprises build on change through our immigration advice

Enterprises build their business to serve their customers and to achieve this, people are the crucial entity to drive this. ICS Legal do provide good and sound immigration advice to our business client’s and help them unlock global possibilities.

Through our experience, our team can build on your global mobility structures, ensure migrant relocations are being managed and that your compliance needs are being met. By reading through our case-studies, you will be able to learn that we help businesses from start-ups to SME to enterprises.

We cover a range of sectors from educational institutions to technology, manufacturing, financial and retail to name some of business exposure. Our value proposition to enterprises is that we can advise, manage, and sustain their migration management.

Further to that, our counselling services includes the following:

1.     Migration management from right to work check to CoS validation and extension applications to HR compliance.

2.     Help on people planning, talent management and succession planning.

3.     Build and audit on regulatory compliance management.

4.     Business visas to conduct various activities in the UK both on temporary and long-term assignments.

5.     Advisory and applications for the sponsor licence & skilled worker visas.

6.     Immigration advice to firms when mergers and acquisitions happens, as well as business liquidation.

7.     Transitional policies for EEA nationals and Brexit policies.

Global immigration advice & strategic ideas

As enterprises approach global business environment and most are connecting their business with migration. Human resources are key to how businesses behave and allows the flexibility given the current immigration system, the flexibility to move across human resources, to meet the demands.

Our global mobility team can help your enterprise plan, strategies and execute immigration plans to move around human resources, including talent recruitment, filling in gaps of demand. We usually understand your enterprise needs, analyse what would be best in terms of immigration categories as well as the relocation of human resources in the UK.

ICS Legal believes in client-centric approach, so we always have your best interest in heart and provide valued proposition to manage your human resources and migration management. We bring ideas that impacts your enterprise to help them become better.  

Complex immigration advice

When a legal matter is refused by the Government Agencies, a written decision is served, whether that is to an enterprise or an individual. When a decision is served, we understand the potential issues that could arise and we will help to limit those, as far as possible.

We use our experience and legal expertise to advise on the strategy once we have evaluated the decision. ICS Legal can then challenge the decision through a number of legal channels, including but not limited to administrative review, representation, appealing the decision or challenging the matter either in the Tribunal or Court.

The UK Home Office are governed through laws & policies, which is why we will set out action plans that serves best in your purpose. This may include immigration advice on a new application route or build a representation back to the original decision making post, looking at channels to quickly resolve your complex immigration matter.

Providing immigration advisory service

In most legal matters, we are able to offer immigration advice at fixed costs and we outline those in our consultation page. However, in some cases, we are not able to do so, therefore our immigration advisory service is then tailored to an enterprise or client’s needs.

This helps us to deliver exceptional client care, so that the legal matter is handled with careful immigration advice. Our Lawyers will then put in writing our proposal, so that you can understand the expertise we offer and then we are on the phone, to provide clarity, so you are informed throughout the immigration advice you are seeking.

ICS legal through our experience understands our client’s need, whether it would be an enterprise or an individual, we truly believe in our vision, and help to deliver yours. Our team will bring ideas, challenges, and clarity to help achieve your goals.   

Understanding limitations to free immigration advice or restricted advice

Whether you contact us through emails, our phones or webchat, to name some of the mediums of communication, our trained associates are able to quickly understand your needs.

Our system and processes, allows our team to deal with a legal matter promptly. We do ask questions related to the immigration advice and help you are seeking, which allows us to analyse and advise on the services we can offer.

Through our experience, we don’t wish to enter a debate or communication related to free immigration advice. We appreciate that all business models are different, so ICS Legal are different on how we work with enterprises and private clients.

One thing for sure, almost 99.97% of our client’s were satisfied with our immigration advice services, confirming our approach of helping on their legal matter & that they would refer our services {data source: we run a direct phone service to our clients who had a consultation with our Lawyers on 1st February 2022, covering the last 12 months as part of our after-care services getting feedback for our Lawyers & we had conducted over 3,265 sessions}. We value feedbacks to ensure we are delivering in our promise.

ICS Legal provides good immigration advice, helping both enterprises and private client’s navigate through the UK’s complex legal systems.


Immigration advice and service reviews

Our Client Services Team {CST} conducts aftercare services to our client’s to make sure we take their feedback on the sessions and ensure they are always getting value for money.

We then run all our feedbacks into our meetings on a regular basis, making sure that we deliver exceptional client care. In most online third-party platforms such as Google, FreeIndex and trust Pilot, our clients are open to provide their honest feedback. We deliver results and always put client’s interest first. We strive to make a difference to their legal matter. This is our vision as a firm.

ICS Legal acting as your UK Immigration Lawyers for your legal matter

We provide an end-to-end solution for both enterprises and private clients. As part of our ways of working, our UK Immigration Lawyers will listen to your matter & advise on the best route to settle the matter. Here are some of the steps we usually follow:

  1. One of our UK Immigration Lawyers will review your inquiry.
  2. Either we would recommend a consultation to assess your immigration inquiry further where necessary or provide an outline of the application/representation process.
  3. All advice will be provided in writing so that you can receive confidence in our legal advice.

With years in the UK immigration industry, we combine knowledge and experience ensuring the success of the visa process. 

Call us today on 0207 237 3388 or e-mail us your circumstances to info@icslegal.com when you. This page is for information purposes only. 

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