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Welcome To The ICS Legal Website - UK Immigration Advice | UK Visas Advice | Marriage Visa | UK Spouse Visa | British Citizenship

Awarding Winning Legal Firm For UK Visas and Immigration. 

A balance of knowledge and interpretation is what you need when choosing the right Immigration Lawyers. We understand that the complex and rigours checks associated with the ever-changing immigration law and policies, makes the process of applying difficult. 

ICS Legal over the last 16 years have become an established firm, and we use our knowledge & experience to provide you with correct and innovative solutions that makes sense. Our people are our most valued asset and this makes ICS Legal so special. 

We hope that you find our pages useful and informative. ICS Legal specialize in UK Immigration Advice | UK Visas Advice | Marriage Visa | UK Spouse Visa | British Citizenship | Tier 1 Visas. ICS Legal is an OISC regulated Legal Practice, providing immigration and visa advice. As Immigration Experts our immigration advice extends on how to enter the United Kingdom to Study, Work, Visit or Settle with family. We also provide support in both general and complex British nationality matters. Our services also expand into visa advice on migrating to the United Kingdom if you are an EEA national or wish to have your family join you in the UK following Brexit. 
The UK visa is a required document to enter the United Kingdom. The UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) carries the UK Home Office responsibilities for UK visa applicants to come to the United Kingdom. If you would like to come to the UK, you must provide legal documents according to the UK immigration rules. You can apply for a UK visa online in a specific field.
UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) regularly change the immigration policies and keeping updated is key. If you are an EEA national or have family members, who wish to come to the UK, then they will need a UK visa. This is similair to non-EU nationals who cannot enter the United Kingdom without a UK visa except Irish citizens. But those who are EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens, they now require a visa if they wish to come to the UK for work, study or business. It is noted that citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area, and Swiss cannot come to the UK by their ID card. They must need a passport and visa for the different categories of UK visas.

Some changes occur in the UK visas or UK immigration, such as a new graduate route student visa. If you would like to come to the UK to travel, work, study, and others, you must follow the UK immigration rules. The UK visa application form is available online. If you want to come to the UK, you have to fill up the online application form. There is a UK visa application form which is called the UK visas and immigration form.

All of the UK visa applicants must fill up the application form online. For this reason, the applicant must require some legal information or documents such as:

  • Applicant nationality.

  • Applicant full name.

  • Applicant country name.

  • Recent passport (passport number).

  • Applicant mailing address.

  • Recent photograph.

  • The UK visa applicant must show the reason to come to the UK.

  • Marital address.

Some new rules appeared on the new graduate route UK. International students can come to the UK to complete graduation. The graduate students can live in the UK for two years after completing their study and PhD holders can live and work in the UK for three years. ICS Legal is one of the leading immigration law firms in the UK. We have professional visas and Immigration Lawyers/Solicitors, and they handle different types of complex immigration matters. You will get a UK visas and immigration contact form on our website. If you need any help, you may contact our Immigration Lawyers to get your required service.
As a regulated legal firm, we are also able to undertake all types of complex cases which include legal grounds besides to the Immigration Rules. Such grounds may be under the Appendix FM of the immigration rules, private life in line with paragraph 276ADE, 7 years concession for children who have lived in the UK. Or were born in the UK, 10/20 years Long Residency, Domestic Violence Cases, Various Concession cases, and further representations to the Home Office. ICS Legal provides advice and representation relating to your appeal on the First Tier & Upper Tribunal. So why not contact us today for further advice and information with one of our friendly advisors.
Contact us today on 0207 237 3388. You can either e-mail us on info@icslegal.com or go to the contacts page by clicking here, where you can use our contact form. Use our contact form to get a free assessment of your case.

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Our legal workflow

Your legal journey with ICS Legal

ICS Legal are an award winning law firm and have been helping clients for the last 16 years. We have both experience and knowledge, with the full intention to become your trusted legal partner.

As your trusted Lawyers, we navigate the complex immigration laws, nationality laws, the EEA and human rights laws, to help you through the UK's complex legal system.

To give you a peace of mind, we keep you updated at every stage through our Hybrid Legal CRM platform. This lets us manage your legal workflow, and communicate with you through out the legal journey until your matter is resolved and beyond. Here is a typical timeline of how your legal matter will be managed by ICS Legal.

A consultation with one of our Lawyers will help us understand your history, personal circumstances and future plans. In our discussion, we will ask questions, and we will outline clearly the best options available and any recommendations to save you time and costs.

A consultation report is sent to you after the consultation, which provides a confirmation of the advice given and the options available, as well as answers to any questions asked during the consultation. 

This cost is deductible from the service fee should you proceed with us. We work on a fixed cost basis only – no hourly fees and no hidden fees.
As part of our process, you will be sent an email on how to instruct us or asked to view your consultation report. In order to instruct us, you will be asked to pay our fees and this is required to begin your legal process with ICS Legal. The government or third party fees are not requested and we usually would pay this using your payment details.

Once you have paid our fees, you will be sent a payment confirmation and can all be managed on your client section. There are a number of functions available on your client section to help you manage the legal journey with us. 

Where the fees are paid, in most cases, you will be emailed a list of directions which may include evidences to be sent to us. This should be sent electronically or may be uploaded into our platform. In all cases, we will inform you on how best to serve your information and documents to us.

We understand that everyone circumstances are different and whilst we will send you some formal directions at this stage, this will not be an exhaustive list of directions or request of evidences at this stage.
When you have served us your information and documents, we will send you directions which would include paying our final fees (unless you have paid us in full at the initial stage). Once payment is received and confirmed, we will start working on your file. We term this stage as part of our case working process.

Both the information and documentation provided will enable us to assess your application file in full. In all applications to the Home Office, evidences are a crucial part of their decision making, so we will help, advise and answer questions related to the documents provided to us. When you provide us with information related to the application, we will advise on recommended evidences to be enclosed.

Your dedicated Lawyer who is preparing your application file, will advise on any alternative evidences and answer any questions you may have. Our job is to help you through the complex legal system and ensure the relevant policies & regulations are being met.
As we embark on our case working process, your dedicated Lawyer will complete the correct application and will go over the evidences. We may email you further documents or information at this stage. 

In all legal matters, we draft a legal cover letter setting out how the specified requirements of the regulations have been met including the evidences we intend to rely upon. Our legal representation letter will set out any discretionary or exceptional circumstances to be considered including any new legal matters, so the Home Office can consider your personal circumstances.

Where an application relates to an application being lodged outside of the UK, ICS Legal may prepare additional documents depending on your personal circumstances and will ensure those documents are prepared to further strengthen your application to the Home Office. 
As part of ICS Legal process, we will email you a copy of the application form or send you a link to access the form. It is very important you check the contents and ensure all details are correct to avoid a refusal or a potential ban.

The new Home Office digital services means that the application is usually lodged online, however at times, this could be lodged in paper and served to the correct team. During the application submission, we will schedule an appointment on the telephone with you, so we can submit the application on your behalf. You will be asked to have your payment card details, so the appropriate fees are paid.

The online platform for the Home Office requires us to complete a number of stages and we will save & print the appropriate pages for your application. Where required, some of those would be served to you.

The application form will contain our details to ensure all correspondances are served to us.
As part of the application submission process, you will be asked to attend an appointment at a Visa Centre. The bookings are usually made by us, but at times, you can do this with login details provided by us.

You will be required to attend to validate the application. As part of their process, will be required to submit your fingerprints, photograph and documents. Any advice based on your circumstances will be given to you. 

Our final directions will include an explanation on the phone briefly on how the process will work and an email will sent with full directions, which you must follow to complete the application submission process. 
Home Office may wish to interview you as part of the application decision. This forms part of their considerations and we will advise you on how the process would work including questions that they may ask you.

We understand that most information on the internet provides a daunting overview of this process however this is not the case always. The idea behind the interview is to clarify your personal circumstances and evidences submitted. In all event, we are here to help and guide you. 
We understand waiting on a decision can be both stressful and daunting. Rest assured, ICS Legal will manage this and respond to any questions or evidence requested. In some applications, the Home Office may ask you to send further details and we will advise you on what needs to be provided.

Once they have served us a decision, we will update you as soon as it arrives. 
If your application is refused by the Home Office, the decision letter will inform us the rights to appeal, submit further representation or conduct an administrative reviews. We will assess the refusal letter and advise you on your next options. Time and costs are important factors of your decision making.

Where the matter proceeds on an appeal, there are a number of legal options available at each stages and an appeal process are not exhaustive list of events.

ICS Legal will advise you on initial steps to take and will always work to resolve your matter quickly rather than prolonging the legal matter. This helps you save costs and time. For example, when an application is refused, we will advise on the merits to the appeal, and lodge the appeal through the Tribunal for the Home Office to review their decision.

Usually Home Office will serve a decision to the Tribunal and if the decision is maintained, we will then advise on the next steps with costs. This then applies to the matter going before the First Tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal including judicial review processes.

The UK legal system are complex and we will have rights to challenge decisions through various legal remedy. This may include challenging the matter through a judicial review process.

Naturally, we understand that you may have questions, please always speak to us and our directions are usually served in writing.
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A balance of knowledge and interpretation is what you require when choosing the right Immigration Lawyer.Our people are our most valued asset, and this makes ICS Legal so special.

New Tech ICS Pack

A balance of knowledge and interpretation is what you require when choosing the right Immigration Lawyer.Our people are our most valued asset, and this makes ICS Legal so special.

Tech ICS Pack

A balance of knowledge and interpretation is what you require when choosing the right Immigration Lawyer.Our people are our most valued asset, and this makes ICS Legal so special.


A balance of knowledge and interpretation is what you require when choosing the right Immigration Lawyer.Our people are our most valued asset, and this makes ICS Legal so special.

Identify. Brand. Repetitiveness.

At Tech ICS we no longer use SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, we’ve renamed to IBR (Identify. Brand. Repetitiveness). This allows us to show how we expect to deliver results over a period.

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