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UK Government Has Announced Two New Immigration Routes

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The UK is an Island country and consists of Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. The UK is the northwest country in Europe. The UK is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Therefore, most of the peoples are highly interested in coming to the United Kingdom and leading a better life. The UK government offers overseas people to come to the UK in various ways to contribute to the UK economy. There are different types of UK visa routes the overseas people can come to the UK by fulfilling their required visa requirements. The UK government has announced two new immigration routes after the Brexit. Those visa routes will be launched in 2022, such as the scale-up visa route and the High-Potential visa route. Scale-up route means that those who are very talented and skilled on any specific route. Such kinds of people are offered to the UK to join and work on the sponsor license company or organization, which is called the Scale-up route.

What is Scale-up route?

The scale-up route is one kind of the UK visa route, whereas highly qualified and graduate persons are offered to the UK to live and work on a long-term basis. The scale-up visa is also available for migrants also. The scale-up can demonstrate the employee annual average revenue or demonstrate three years' period employment growth. The scale-up route will be open in 2022, which will be open from the UK government to offer individual person to come in the United Kingdom by the UK skilled job offer with a high salary range. If they want, they can extend their visa period and switch to another potential job in the United Kingdom.

How Scale-up route work?

Scale-up visa route allows the individual person to come to the United Kingdom on the skilled job offer from outside the UK. It is a long-term visa route, and you have a chance to extend your visa before expiring your current visa period. If you have a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree and have high skills in any specific field, you can apply for the scale-up visa route. The scale-up route work process is almost the same as UK skilled work visa, but minimum salary will be provided to the scale-up route applicants threshold to the scale-up visa.

Basically, the scale-up visa route is a new innovation and design for well-educated persons. For this reason, salary is very high than the UK skilled work visa, and you will be given a minimum salary at the threshold in the UK than that of a UK skilled work visa. There are some requirements for the scale-up route visa. Therefore, if you would like to apply for the scale-up route you should comply with the scale-up route requirement. These are given below.

  • Age limit more than 18 years old. 
  • Fill up the online application form.
  • Provide your required documents.
  • You have to provide a valid passport.
  • You have to give your recent photograph.
  • Medical test report. 
  • Meet the English language requirement.

The scale-up route Processing time 2021 is not very high. However, if you apply online for the scale-up route, you may require eight weeks to get a decision on your visa. Basically, visa application processing time depends on documents and country. Because if you provide false documents and if the UK Home office finds it wrong, then your application process may be delayed, or your online application may be cancelled. Basically, UK visa cost depends on the UK visa category, and it starts from £93 to £3,250.

Though the scale-up route is a long-term visa route, the Healthcare Surcharge will be included with Scale-up route fees 2021. It is noted that you have to provide Healthcare Surcharge each year to cover your medical cost. There are more benefits of the scale-up route in the UK. If you come to the UK on the scale-up route with a high-skill job offer, then you will be provided with a very high salary, you can live in the UK for at least three years, you have a chance to extend it. It is noted that the scale-up route is the easiest way to get settlement status in the United Kingdom. If you get settlement status after five years, and 12 months later, you will be eligible to apply for British citizenship.

What is High-Potential Individual route?

The UK government has announced two new immigration routes those visa routes will be launched in 2022. One is a scale-up route, and another one is the High-Potential Individual route. We already discussed above in detail the scale-up route, and we will let you know details about the High-potential individual route in UK. the High-potential individual route is designed for the most talented and well-educated persons.

The UK government looks to the world's talented persons to share their knowledge and contribute to the UK economy. This visa route allows the world entrepreneur and creative innovators to set up their businesses in the United Kingdom. If you would like to come on this visa route, you don't need any sponsor. You can work, travel, and attend other activities without a UK Immigration limitation. In addition, you will have a chance to switch to a high-potential visa route.

How High-Potential Individual route work?

The High-potential individual route is issued for the most talented persons who have completed graduation from world reputed university. The high-potential individual route is also easier for the world's top talented persons. They can come to the UK without a job offer. Tier 2 or skilled work visa is the graduate route. If you have high skills and merit, you can apply for a tier 2 visa route to your required field, but you need a sponsor. Whereas if you apply for a High-potential individual route, you don't need a sponsor, or you can freely come to the UK.

You have to apply online and fill up the online application form by providing your authentic documents. It is a long-term visa route if you want, you can extend it, and five years later, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or permanent residence (PR). After approving UK settlement status, you can apply for British citizenship. It is noted that if you would like to apply for British citizenship, you have to wait for 12 months after approving ILR or settlement status. All of the UK visa holders follow their specific visa requirements. If you would like to come to the UK on the High-potential individual route, you must follow the High-potential individual route requirements such as

  • Age limit at least 18 years old.
  • You have to fill up the online application form for your required field.
  • You must be completed graduation from a top world university and provide your certificate (if required).
  • No sponsor is required on this new route.
  • You need experience in any specific field and provide your experience document (if you have one).
  • Provide your medical test report.
  • Meet the English language requirements or prove that you have good proficiency in English.
  • Pay your visa cost.

All of the UK visas take some time to be processed finally, but UK visa processing time also depends on the documents, because if UK Home Office found that you have provided the wrong documents, then your application can be delayed or cancelled. The High-potential individual route processing time 2021 usually takes four to eight weeks. It is noted that the High-potential individual route processing time 2021 is usually faster than some other UK visa route. The UK visa cost depends on the individual visa route. The UK visa cost becomes different based on the different visa routes.

The UK visa cost is started from £93 to £3,250. If you live in the UK for more than six months (without any extension), then you have to pay Healthcare Surcharge, and this cost will be added with High-potential individual route fees 2021. It is noted that the Healthcare Surcharge cost will cover your medical cost. All of the UK visa routes have their own benefits. If overseas people live in the United Kingdom properly by following the UK immigration rules, they get more benefits. The High-potential individual route benefits are given below.

  • If you come to the UK on this route, you don't need a sponsor, or you are free to come to the UK (if you have the right to come to the UK).
  • You can freely work in the UK.
  • You can switch to another job or another visa route.
  • You can live on the long route.
  • You can apply for UK settlement status and British citizenship.

EU citizens' free movement already ended from 31st December 2021. The UK government has announced two new immigration routes, like the scale-up and high-potential individual routes. These two new or innovative visa routes will be launched in 2022. Basically, a UK government is highly interested in higher overseas most talented persons in the United Kingdom to contribute to the UK economy. Those are the EU citizens, EEA, and Swiss citizens. They can also apply for such new innovative visa routes if they can meet the qualification or visa requirements.

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