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Who are the best Immigration Lawyers in the UK? 

It is an important question when aiming to choose the right legal representatives. Over time an Immigration Lawyer is considered to work on your best interests and advise you in the most appropriate way. An Immigration Lawyer will advise, represent and submit an application, whether that is for an immigration matter or nationality.

At ICS Legal, we are specialists in the UK Visas and Immigration. Having our practice spanning over 17 Years, it has taught us knowledge is aligned with experience. Through this, we are able to give our client’s sound advice and what is necessary to deal with the matter in hand.

When making decision it is most important to choose the right Immigration Lawyer that you feel comfortable. You will need to respectfully acknowledge the Home Office guidelines and strict regulations.  

Benefits of having a UK Immigration Lawyer 

As the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) continue to change and evolve their immigration and nationality laws, it’s ever important to have an Immigration Lawyer to help.

The constant changing environment, with key updates on Home Office policies introduces new processes. Here are some of the benefits of using an Immigration Lawyer:

  • You are able to explain your concerns to an Immigration Lawyer and you can then understand how best to move forward. 
  • Have a specialist where they can manage the entire process, providing you an end-to-end solution.
  • Provide clarity to the Home Office on your matter when representing. Their legal representation document will contain all the information required when an application are decided.

At ICS Legal, our team of experts help, navigate and submit an application on your behalf. We would set out our directions in detail on what information are relevant and the evidences best suited.

Through our advice and directions, we present a matter on the best possible form, giving you the chance to succeed. We are not a sales firm, so please do no expect a percentage mark and who has done what. Our white papers and online reviews, will tell you, we are the right Immigration Lawyer for you.

How to choose your right Immigration Lawyer

This is an integral part of when moving forward with your migration matter. Whether it is a personal matter or a business route, it is important that you are comfortable with your Lawyer, and they understand your key concerns. 

At ICS Legal, getting comfortable with us is very important to us, because it helps us to form a trusted relationship. We need to ensure as strenuous the process is with the UKVI, we are here to take you through those complex process every step of the way. 

Processing an application, an administrative review, or an appeal with a UK Immigration Lawyer

When working with ICS Legal, UK Immigration Lawyer, the process of your matter would normally work as follows:

  1. Initially one of our Associates take the details of your circumstances and understand how far you have researched in to the matter. We will then advise on how best to move forward. 
  2. In most situations, we would recommend having a consultation with us, whether it is online, on the telephone or even in person at our office. It enables yourself to fully comprehend the circumstance you are in. 
  3. Thereafter, our office will outline the steps to take, how best to move forward and the preparations required. 

It should be noted, no result of succeeding can be guaranteed, however an outline on the criteria required to be met will be given. Where you follow our advice and so long this can be adhered to, then of course we should expect a positive decision. The final decision is also down to the Home Office. 

Fun Fact Questions

How do UK Immigration Lawyers manage their time?

Within the world of immigration, we at ICS Legal can say that this is a tough task. There are always daily issues that need solving and this job never is 9.00am to 6.00pm. It is more round the clock. We respect the stresses our clients go through, and aim to manage processes as best as possible, without jeopardising any aspect. 

Do UK Immigration Lawyers continue to study?

Yes, this is certainly required. Over time a lot of experience is built by working with people from all backgrounds. However, with continuous Home Office changes, we need to make time available, and keep on updating ourselves. 

Are Immigration Lawyers different from normal Solicitors or Barristers?

Not necessarily, however Immigration Lawyers specialise in this area and it is best advised to use a firm specialising in the industry. ICS Legal being specialist, can differentiate ourselves from other law firms based on our expert knowledge and experience.

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