Immigration policies and what has changed – at a glance

As we now embrace the changes from the 19th February 2024 and also 14th March 2024, here we look at what has changed. 

Ukraine scheme including the UFS scheme

The scheme is being closed down from the 16th May 2024, so new applicants would not be able to apply under the scheme. 

1.    Children born in the UK, would still continue to benefit from the scheme and would be able to continue applying on that scheme regardless of his closure. 

2.    Existing applicants will continue to benefit from the policies and will be able to remain in the UK. 

3.    Grant of leave under the Ukraine scheme will be reduced to 18 months from the previous 36 months. This would be in line with the EU Temporary Protection Directive. 

Healthcare visa and its change

The Home Office change as they announced on the 4th December 2023, to limit the number of applicants able to come and work in the UK, under the skilled worker visa programs.

1.    SOC codes 6145 and 6146, which sets out the care workers and senior care workers. 

2.    The main change is on the sponsor licence, as employers would be required to hold a Care Quality Commission (CQC) and carrying out regulated work. 

3.    The removal of dependents to apply and join their partners in the UK. 

The Home Office have applied transitional arrangements to those in the UK already here in the scheme, to continue with their current sponsor and apply for settlement with their dependents. 

1.    If there is a change of employment, then the employer must hold a CQC licence. 

2.    Dependents already in the UK can continue to apply for leave to remain in the UK. 

Salary changes to the skilled worker programs

The impact to businesses following the salary change has been quite significant. Enterprises have to adjust their business pay scales due to the change. 

1.    Salary have been increased to £38,700 from the previous salary. 

2.    Replaced the Shortage Occupation List with the new Immigration Salary List. The focus is to force employers to look at resident labor workforce rather than sponsor someone. 

Partner visa and the change in salary requirements

Those looking to bring their partner to the UK, including their fiancé, would need to meet the relationship and the financial requirements. Here are some changes:

1.    The salary being increased to £29,000. Those already sponsored, are protected under the transitional arrangements.

2.    There is no separate consideration for those having children as dependents.

The Article 8 ECHR grounds of application for consideration would be part of all applications, including those not meeting the financial test.

1.    Third party financial sponsors are still being permitted. 

Domestic violence victims 

The new reformed immigration policy on victims of domestic violence either under the EUSS scheme or those under the general immigration policies. In doing so, the Home Office have announced the following:

2.    Victims can apply for settlement immediately. In EUSS matters, relationships started before and after the transition period will not impact those looking to apply. 

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