Immigration impact and changes post 7th December 2023. Spring 2024 changes.

Immigration changes post 7th Dec 2023

As the Conservative Government considers their approach to immigration policies, I am sure that this debate will never end. The ever-growing changes in consumer behaviour and the drive-in technology, means that the UK must be a space for talent attractions.

Exciting time for us at ICS Legal, whereby we help both private clients and enterprises, move with speed in their immigration programs. So let’s start with the changes from the 7th of December 2023 and the next changes post spring of 2024.

EUSS applications 

Our Lawyers works tirelessly for EU nationals and their family members. The Home Office policy on this have changed since the 9th of August 2023. Some of the key changes announced on the 7th of Dec 2023 are as follows:

1.         A person would not be permitted to make a valid EUSS application if they have travelled to the UK or have been in the UK without permission. 

2.         Where a person enters the UK as a visitor, they must file an application within 3 months of entry to the UK. This would be in line with the withdrawal agreement. 

3.         The ability for the Home Office to either cancel or curtail a person’s status under EUSS if this was done in error or that the person provided wrongful information. 

The Home Office have removed the ability to do administrative review when an application for EUSS had been refused. The right to appeal is now restricted. 

Visitors’ visas and what you can do in the UK

There has been a number of changes to the visit visa route, one of those including a persona able to work remotely for their employer or that they can support a client in the UK. Further changes to researchers and scientists are now permitted.

A host of changes have been announced, allowing the UK to be more inclusive of short-term visa assignments. 

Need more details on the short-term visa assignments, please email us at

Youth mobility visa scheme

The Home Office have decided to include a number of new countries to the program, as our trade deals are becoming better. The age groups have been expanded to 35 years, allowing more talented people to come and live in the UK. 

Bereaved partner visa

The immigration change in the new visa category allows who held a dependant visa in the UK, can apply on those grounds. 

Victim of domestic violence

Applying on those grounds leads to settlement. The new change would permit those outside of the UK, to also apply under the provisions. 

Evidence of domestic violence being evident in the relationship, even if the person is not in the UK but is a dependant to the person who is settled in the UK. 

Applying on the grounds of Statelessness

We know that British Nationality laws allows someone to apply for nationality if they are Stateless. However, there is a new change on the immigration policies. 

An application based on being Stateless can now be made. In doing so, a person can make an application on those grounds. Their dependents including partner and children will have to apply under Appendix FM of the immigration rules. 

Initial grant is given with the view to settle after 5 years. Dependents can also apply for indefinite leave to remain after the provisions of 5 years residency. 

Temporary work visa routes

The visa categories under the temporary work visas allows migrants to come and live in the UK for short work assignments. In most instances, the visa routes can be extended and leads to settlement. 

How ICS Legal is performing through technology

We rely on the support of propriety technology that Tech ICS have and the Hybrid Legal CRM (, helps us to manage our client’s matters in real-time. As with all law firms, our service delivery model is to provide legal help at speed.

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