Is Fiance Visa Faster than Spouse Visa? Fiance Visa vs Spouse Visa

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Fiance Visa vs Spouse Visa

So let us begin with an important question, spouse visa vs fiance visa UK? What will be the difference engagement between fiance visa vs marriage visa?

The 2 visas are different because the fiance visa is for those looking to come into the UK to legally marry. And the spouse visa is for partners to live in the UK permanently. The spouse visa is different from a fiance visa, in a number of ways. However both come under the settlement visa categories. This article would discuss more in detail how the two different visas work and their requirements. sub engagement visa also.

What is Faster Fiance Visa or Spouse visa ?

We know that technology is driving immigration changes. And it is important to keep updated on the application of changes. So when you consider applying for the fiance visa or the spouse visa. It is important that you keep updated on the changes in immigration requirements and processes. ICS Legal helps clients make an informed decision whenever they consider applying under these family routes visas. And we would like to consider us as the source of correct information. Some of the common questions we will answer here are what is a faster fiance or marriage visa? I hope you will be able to get the answer here.

Is Fiance Visa Faster than Spouse Visa

We are asked are a fiance, a spouse visa application and we can say no. Both visas are different with some criteria identical when applying for the visa. The visa decision timing is an important factor and we are asked about this, is fiance or spouse visa which one is faster? Good question, well, both are long-term visas on their own merits but both take some time to decide. There is no difference in how long it either takes to be honest. Avoid online forums and people’s experiences. Because in immigration cases, the personal circumstances. And how you present your application to the UK Home Office matters. In this article, our discussion will speak about how long does a UK fiance visa takes? This question will be answered.

How Long does a UK Fiance Visa take ?

When we consider the difference between a fiance visa vs marriage visa, one of the key differences is the time granted on the visa. The fiance visa is only granted for a period of 6 months. Whereas the marriage visa also referred to as the spouse visa is granted for a period of 30 months. The conditions of the 2 visas are different.

Another important difference between a fiance visa vs spouse visa is that the fiance visa does not permit employment. UK Spouse Visa allows permission of working in the UK. The conditions of those visas fiance visa vs spouse visa are different.

Our dedicated UK Immigration Lawyers identifies the issues most critical to our clients. When they consider applying for their family visas. We provide our advice in writing, keeping all the information clear and concise. It is important that when you apply for a visa that you do not over complicate the matter. There can be times when you apply for a visa; the evidence is limited to what would meet the required immigration rules.

Our team continues to keep updated on the immigration changes to the family visas. And we keep you informed of any changes that could impact your immigration application. Technology plays an important role in our delivery of legal services. Many of our knowledge management resources. Are provided to transactional services to clients without charge.

Applying for the Engagement Visa

The challenge here is to discuss the important topic of the fiance visa vs spouse visa. Understanding the requirements of the visa is very important. Then knowing how to apply and then knowing what you can do on the visa is also vital.

Now let’s start with the engagement visa, referred to as the fiance visa. Which is one of our top topics when speaking about fiance visa vs spouse visa. The visa requires both parties to show they have met in person. This is required, as in some of the South Asian countries, where the traditional practices of arranged marriages happen. This rule is to prevent any abuse to the current immigration laws. Details of the relationship when applying for the engagement visa. Must be provided, questions like, when did you meet for the first time, where, and how did the relationship begin. The questions go further, on how you maintained your relationship for example, do you speak on the phone. These are all required on the engagement visa.

Further to that, both the applicant and sponsor must be over 18 years of age when they apply for the fiance marriage visa. At the date of application, they must have the intention to legally marry in the UK as this is required for the engagement visa.

The sponsor is normally the person who is settled in the UK and supporting the fiance visa application. They need to show the financial requirements are met, so they can be employed and self-employed.

Where the Sponsor is Self-Employed

Is meeting the financial requirements under other categories, the application can become complex. The fiance marriage visa allows self-employment incomes. For example, a self-employed person needs to show 12 months of actual earnings backed with evidence.

These can include tax returns, receipts, bank statements to name some of the documents required by for the visa application.

Other forms of income are allowed by the fiance visa application, for example, those who have property investment income. The sponsor for the application will need to show all the evidence to prove the income is explained. As soon as the sponsor is not employed and shows income from other ways, the application naturally becomes complicated.

Now coming to the accommodation in the UK, when applying for the fiance marriage visa, it is fine if you rent your property. In the engagement visa, you can also use that the sponsor lives with his family. This is because on the engagement visa, as long as you can show there is no overcrowding and there is enough space for both of you, that is sufficient.

The most common question we are asked is how long does a UK fiance visa take? We discussed under the topic fiance visa vs spouse visa before about the visa service level. Well, once the application is lodged for the visa, the decision making does differ between regions. Further to that, the visa centres run different services that are available to make the decision. Faster when choosing between a fiance visa vs spouse visa.

Prospective Marriage Visa Processing Time

It’s important to look at the statistics and previous records of visa decisions, especially on the engagement visa. Prospective marriage visa processing time 2018 usually took around 12 weeks and at times, decisions were longer. However this is now slightly better, however, given the current issues, there are delays. We know that technology is making a difference to fiance marriage visa applications.

The fiance marriage visa is granted for a period of 6 months. It allows you to come to the UK and complete your marriage process. Once you have married in the UK legally under the engagement visa. You now need to consider applying for the spouse visa which is to extend your leave to remain in the UK.

K1 Visa Lawyer

As we come to the end of the explanation on the engagement visa, it is worth mentioning the K1 visa. K1 Visa Lawyer, where the reference is made similar to the fiance marriage visa, the K-1 visa is applied in the US. That application is similar to that of the UK but its route to settlement is far easier than the UK. Once you are married, your K1 Visa Lawyer can apply for the permanent residence card also referred to as the green card. In the UK, that is not possible. Therefore fiance visa to spouse visa in the UK is far more different from the K1 visa requirements which your K1 Visa Lawyer will explain.

Fiance Visa to Spouse Visa UK

Now let us move from fiance visa to spouse visa UK application routes. We begin to speak about the second visa within the topic of fiance visa vs spouse visa. The spouse visa is in contrast does have some important requirements. First of all, you and your partner, who is settled in the UK, must be legally married. International laws cover what is referred to as a legal marriage. As we discuss the debates about proxy marriage, telephone marriages, arranged marriages, and so forth. Then the intention to live together requirements. Which are slightly different from the fiance marriage. This is because there is a level of expectation that you have already lived together. Now don’t worry if you have not, whilst it is expected, that is not a must requirement.

In addition to the above, if you and your partner have children together or even children from previous relationships. This forms part of the application decision. We remind us about our topic fiance visa vs spouse visa, that if on either application, children involved in the matter will help. This is so, when you consider applying for the fiance visa vs spouse visa, this will in most cases strengthen the application.

How Long does the Spouse Visa Process Take UK

The financial requirements of the spouse visa are required when you apply. The sponsor must demonstrate that at the date of application, the financial test is met, so that is to meet the £18,600 financial income. As we discussed earlier, this is the same when you apply for an engagement visa. There is no difference in how you meet the financial requirements for a fiance visa vs marriage visa.

The incomes can be derived from self-employment, property income, cash savings, or investments. The evidence required between the fiance visa vs marriage visa is no different. So in theory, a fiance or spouse visa which one is faster appears no different.

We ask this question again, as to how long does the spouse visa process takes the UK? This depends on where you have applied for the visa. If done in the UK, this can take around 8 weeks and outside the UK, can take around 12 weeks. Is a fiance visa faster than spouse visa? The simple answer is no, however personal circumstances of a visa application differ. Let’s remember to put the right information and documents in the visa application.

Spouse Visa Success Stories

Spouse visa success stories are important to clients when they decide to choose which UK Immigration Lawyers are best to use. And when it comes to their visa application. ICS Legal helps clients go through the visa process and we have been helping clients complete their relocation to the UK. We have spouse visa success stories since our inception. Have been helping clients understand the strict rules, bringing families together.

When considering how long does the spouse visa process takes in the UK, the evidence you lodged with the application will make a difference. ICS Legal bespoke case management system as well as. The client portal provides real-time solutions and helps throughout all visa processes. You would be able to receive case status, the progression of the matter, client engagement visa letters. And other relevant details, in support of the immigration program management.

Through our partnership program, when you are applying for a fiance visa vs marriage visa, ICS Legal is able to source and provide a number of services. For example on the fiance visa vs marriage visa applications, you may require translated documents. Further to that, we can certify your documents and legalise were required for the immigration matter. In some cases, we would advise on the correct legislation of the documents to avoid any issues. This is all done closely working with approved suppliers, UK authorities, and foreign missions based in the UK belong to the Council of Europe .

Spouse Visa vs Fiance Visa UK

Finally, it’s important to discuss what happens if the fiance visa vs spouse visa is refused by the UK Home Office. The appeal process is there to help and sort out issues that could happen because the wrong decision may have happened. However, in most cases, spouse visa vs fiance visa UK refusals are down to mistakes by the applicant and their sponsor. This is true to state around 80% of those applications. We sometimes do not think or understand the importance of the right details and documents.

So what can you do if the spouse visa vs fiance visa UK applications are refused? If this happens in the UK, then you get a right to appeal within 14 days. Outside of the UK, the appeal rights are 28 days. When you appeal against the visa refusal, grounds on family life and also human rights are set out in the appeal form. The appeal form must be completed fully and the evidence you intend to rely on must also be included.

We find that whenever the appeal is done without a lawyer. That you use a lawyer who is not qualified, i.e. from outside of the UK, there appears to be a number of errors. Remember that a review is always taken by the original decision-makers. So getting that done correctly is far better to take Immigration Advice than go before an Immigration Judge. The First-Tier Tribunal encourages that the matter is resolved between the appellant. And the Home Office prior to the matter going before the court. This does not always happen, because in most cases, the appellant fails to adhere to the policy law.

The Grounds of Appeal Following the Visa Refusal

The grounds of appeal following the visa refusal are important. Because sometimes unqualified lawyers appellant seem to be more concerned about case laws. We need to look at the reasons for the refusal and show how this was wrong. If this was not wrong, what have we provided to resolve the issues? The Immigration Judge always looks at the reasons for the refusal and the evidence by UNA . Sometimes, these visa refusals can be based on facts rather than evidence. For example, in the visa form, you have said that you met a certain date but then when you were interviewed. You told the visa officer something different. This happens frequently because we misunderstand the questions on the visa form.

I go back to the earlier part of this article when we discussed those important aspects of getting. The visa form completed correctly and putting the right evidence. We sometimes put too much information or too little. There was one refusal we dealt with, the client only included a marriage certificate and stated that was sufficient. However, this was refused rightly because there was no evidence of how you maintain contact. Following the appeal grounds and evidence, the Home Office did overturn the decision but this could have been avoided. I understand from the client’s perspective that he assumed that the marriage certificate was sufficient. But the immigration rules ask whether there is a genuine and subsisting relationship. This must be proven and the evidence of how you maintain contact is vital.

The Immigration Appeal

We know that not all the time does a matter before the Home Office is overturned and the tribunal is here to address and resolve issues. The Immigration Judge will consider the 2 parties matters before deciding fully on this. The grounds of appeal, evidence, and information are considered by the Judge. An appeal before the First Tier Tribunal can take around 6 months to 18 months. This is true especially when the appellant is outside of the UK. One of the main reasons is because the decision is managed between an entry clearance team. Although most immigration cases are dealt with in the UK. The matter is still handled outside of the UK, usually from the region that the appellant had applied from.

Our expertise and knowledge on the immigration appeal are vital, so sometimes. We advise on re-applying and providing full grounds of appeal as to why we have not challenged a decision. It’s always important to take legal advice because it lets you decide which options are available.

Fiance visa vs spouse visa is always an interesting topic to discuss. We hope the requirements of the fiance visa vs spouse visa was explained here. By using ICS Legal, reduces errors, brings efficiency to the legal process, and creates a stronger relationship between us and you. Take a look of our services

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Call us today on 0207 237 3388 or e-mail us your circumstances to when you. You are strongly advised to take legal advice prior to applying for the fiance visa vs marriage visa. This page is for information purposes only.

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