Tuberculosis test for a UK visa: clinics in Kenya

To enter and stay in the UK for over 6 months requires a mandatory tuberculosis test. Residents of Somalia, Eritrea, and South Sudan must also test for the presence of tuberculosis to gain entry into the UK.

The test must also be from an International Organisation for Migration (IOM) clinic which has been approved by the Home Office. A tuberculosis certificate from a clinic other than the approved shall not be accepted as stated by the Home Office.

You will be exempt from a TB certificate if you:

  • are a diplomatic passport bearer traveling on business or on a posting to the UK
  • fall under a visa exemption category or applying for a certificate of entitlement
  • are a returning resident to the UK

You will need to bring:

  •  a valid passport or UNHCR or MHA registration documents
  • 2 recent passport sized photos no older than 6 months prior to the time of examination

You can make a booking from the Government visa application center, or by phoning the IOM. For more information and support in this field please do not hesitate to contact the ICS Legal team. We will be more than happy to help and provide the essential support yo require.