Fingerprints and Eurodac: found staying illegally in EU


Fingerprints and Eurodac

If you’re found staying illegally in an EU member state, the authorities may take your fingerprints and check them in Eurodac, the European fingerprint database. The fingerprints won’t be stored. If you’ve applied for asylum before, you may be sent back to the country you applied in.

If you are found illegally staying in a ‘Dublin’ country 1), authorities may take your fingerprints and transmit them to a fingerprint database called “Eurodac”. This is only for the purpose of seeing if you have previously applied for asylum. Your fingerprint data will not be stored in the Eurodac database, but if you have previously applied for asylum in another country, you may be sent back to that country. If your fingerprints are not of a clear quality, including if you have deliberately damaged your fingers, the fingerprints may be taken again in the future. Eurodac is operated by an Agency of the European Union called eu-LISA. Your data can only be used for the purposes defined by law. Only the Eurodac Central System will receive your data. If you request asylum in the future in another Dublin country, your fingerprints will also be taken for transmission to Eurodac. The data stored in Eurodac will not be shared with any other country or organisation outside the EU and the associated countries. 1) It extends over


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