Conservative majority implies Brexit, a new Australian-style points-based framework, and perhaps a new government department for borders and migration

Over the coming months and years huge changes to the immigration law can be expected because of the results of Thursday’s election.

The UK will more likely officially Brexit at the end of next month prompting a transition period that is planned to end on 31 December 2020. However, this could be stretched out by mutual understanding between the EU and UK.

When free development closes the Conservatives have been clear about their craving to introduce a new Australian-style focuses based system. Earlier in this month Boris Johnson gave a brief overview of the shape of the new system in front of the election.

The press release utter an expert implementation group will be appointed to ensure the turn-out of the new immigration system from January 2021. The preliminary concept of the new immigration system is that the government will be in control.

The press release reported single new system will assign points on a scope of criteria. It will actually assign individuals into three separate classifications:

  1. Exceptional talent – In the first category there will be highly educated immigrants receiving world-leading honours or generally showed outstanding ability, sponsored setting up a new business or investors. These won’t require an employment bid and will get quick track passage.
  2. Skilled Workers: There must have a job offer and workers meeting the criteria of the point-based system.
  3. Sector specific rules based: This category is made up of scientific temporary designs for instance low-skilled labour, youth mobility or short term visits. Based on expert device from the Migration Advisory Committee there will be ongoing revise basis.

The press release states that they will speed up the sponsorship process for skilled workers to essentially decrease the time to significantly reduce the time it takes to bring in a migrant to meet our labour market demands minimizing the burden on both individuals and businesses.

Confirmed job offer will add extra points and employer sponsorship will remain a key requirement for the vast majority of migrants as we believe that employers are the best placed to determine which skills are required for their business and to prevent abuse of our immigration system.

Joe Owens of the Institute for Government revealed that the most ideal situation is this is a well-thought through, arranged move which tends to a portion of the auxiliary issues in the manner the Home Office works right now. The most pessimistic scenario is that they simplified precisely the same framework and similar structures into another division, and as opposed to fixing anything they simply upset the entirety of the work that is going on there.

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