Boris Johnson pledges to prevent Brits being banned and tackle growing scam in Spain

Many hotels in Spain are reportedly not providing services to those arriving from Britain. This includes cheap travel package deals and offers as the growing sentiment surrounding fraudulent claims from British citizens costing companies thousands of Euros due to compensation fees for ‘fake sicknesses’. This sort of action by Spanish tourist services comes as the cash flow to such companies have faced a huge reduction and feel frauds have played a pivotal role in their downfall. A reported increase of 430% of fraudulent claims has been made since 2013 confirming the Spanish travel agencies worries and losing almost £50 million in only 2016 alone.

Mr. Johnson has stated that he has raised the issue with the Spanish embassy in Britain as well as mainstream tour operators and several large travel agents about the growing problem.

On average payouts won by UK law firms can go up to £9000. Some Spanish resorts have even gone to the extent that they have hired detectives to crack down on fraudulent claims. A spokesman from Thomas Cook has also stated that these actions are done by a “minority and risk affecting the honest majority”. This scam is growing increasingly common and if the right measures are not taken British citizens shall be penalized and may not even be welcome to Spain on holiday, a nightmare for all.