UK Immigration Visas & Covid-19

UK Immigration Visas have not all been halted and whilst those who are considering applying for a UK visa, there may be a delay in the decision making. Due to the current pandemic, those who are in the UK, and are not able to leave the UK or their visas are coming to expire, will benefit from a number of legal provisions.

We wish to confirm that ICS Legal are still open albeit our offices are not open for the public. We can advise you on your current circumstances on the telephone, so you can contact us on 0207 237 3388 between Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm, or you can email us on

  1. The Home Office have agreed to extend your visas until 31st May 2020, and will need to demonstrate that you are not able to leave the UK. Contact with the Home Office are required to ensure your UK Visa is extended.
  2. Switching in the UK to other immigration categories are permitted. For example as a visitor, you will be allowed to extend your visa in the UK without leaving the UK, subject you meeting the strict guidelines.
  3. Those applying from outside of the UK, in most cases, cannot apply due to the UK Visa Centre closures. We will update you as and when we hear back from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

We intend to update this page on a regular basis and how it would impact those either sponsoring or applying for their leave to remain in the UK. Applicant’s from outside of the UK, will not benefit from any discretionary legislation.