Statement of changes announced for 24th November 2016

Statement of changes announced for 24th November 2016. There will be new changes to the Immigration Rules which are as follows:

The main purpose of these changes to the Immigration Rules is to:

  1. Implement the first of two phases of changes to Tier 2, announced by the Government on 24 March 2016 following a review by the independent Migration Advisory Committee.
  2. Introduce a new English language requirement at level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages for applicants for further leave in the UK as a partner or parent, after completing 30 months here on a 5- year route to settlement under Appendix FM.
  3. Mandate the refusal of limited or indefinite leave where the applicant has been excluded under Article 1F from the Refugee Convention or under paragraph 339D from a grant of humanitarian protection or is a danger to the security of the UK or, having been convicted by final judgment of a particularly serious crime, is a danger to the community of the UK. Clarify when Dublin transfer, safe third country and first country of asylum rules apply and provide a definition of the third country concepts within the Immigration Rules.

As this Statement of Changes is subject to negative resolution procedure and has not been prayed against, consideration as to whether there are other matters of interest to the House of Commons does not arise at this stage.

The Immigration Rules, as laid before Parliament by the Secretary of State, constitute a statement of practice to be followed in the administration of the Immigration Act 1971 for regulating the entry into and stay of persons in the United Kingdom.

On 23 June 2016, the EU referendum took place and the people of the UK voted to leave the European Union. Until exit negotiations are concluded, the UK remains a full member of the European Union and all the rights and obligations of EU membership remain in force. During this period the Government will continue to negotiate, implement and apply EU legislation.

As this Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules is not subject to the affirmative resolution procedure and does not amend primary legislation, no statement is required.

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