More port checks have been placed as more migrants are attempting to reach the UK

More port checks have been placed around the area of Jersey. This comes after reported attempts by migrants to reach the area were foiled. Dave Nurse, Head of Customs, has asked the public and travelers to remain patient and to co-operate with officers to ensure a smooth process. He has said that his staff have been subject to an increased number of complaints and is pleading with locals and passer-bys to comply and provide any information needed by the Customs Officers.

Officers have been sent out to the area after receiving specialist training to identify forged identification and have worked as a secondment to the UK Border Force. The increased number of officers is aimed at clamping down on any illegal crossings and to maintain the security of the area.

Mr. Nurse added that the “staff will be able to exchange information on a daily basis”,  easily with the border agency at France ensuring a smooth and effective process.

In an annual report, there was evidence to show that an increased number of migrants are trying to reach Jersey. Due to this a contingency plan has been put in place to manage a substantial number of migrants entering Jersey from the French Coast.

Writing in the Customs Service Annual Report, Mr. Nurse said: ‘It is timely to remind the traveling public that the current situation in Europe means that it is highly likely that the queues for the immigration control in the Island will be longer than has been experienced in previous years.’

This is the step in the right direction but its effectiveness is yet to be clearly analysed. It will not stop the number of migrants entering Europe but it will make our UK borders much safer.