Changes relating to the Points-Based System

Points-Based System applications are normally decided on the basis of the information provided by the applicant before the case is considered. Paragraph 245AA of the Immigration Rules sets out the limited circumstances in which a decision maker may write out to request further evidence from the applicant.

A change has been made to clarify in what circumstances a document will be considered to be missing from a sequence for the purposes of paragraph 245AA(b)(i) and so may be requested from the applicant. A document will only be considered to be missing from a sequence where the documents at the beginning and the end of a sequence have both been provided and the missing document is within that sequence.

When further documents have been requested under evidential flexibility, the time period the applicant has to provide the required document has been changed from 7 working days to 10 working days. This is to align it with the time period for responding to a request made under the current paragraph 34C (paragraph 34B from 24 November 2016) of the Immigration Rules.