Certain changes related to Tier 5 of the Points-Based System

Sponsors of creative workers in the Creative and Sporting sub-category must comply with a recruitment code of practice or otherwise take into account the needs of the resident labour market. A change is being made to waive this requirement for creative sector jobs which appear on the Shortage Occupation List.

A further change is being made to the codes of practice for creative workers so that sponsors do not need to carry out a recruitment search where a performer is required for continuity or is engaged by a unit company in relation to productions outside the UK, rather than outside the EEA, as at present. This ensures that non-EEA nationals who have performed in productions elsewhere in the EEA are not disadvantaged.

Amendments are being made to clarify the maximum grant periods for Tier 5 (Temporary Workers).

The Rules are amended to provide for the operation of arrangements to manage the allocation of places under the Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) allocation for Taiwan, where demand is expected to significantly exceed supply.