Bristol Airport opens new expanded immigration hall including new interview rooms and drugs lab

Bristol Airport has now announced the completion of its new immigration hall. The hall features 10 e-passport gates which are aimed at providing a faster route for travelers at Border control. In addition to this, the hall has been redesigned to aid Border Force Officers with a more clearer view of travelers.

The number of interviews rooms has also gone up from 2 to 4. Also, a drug lab has been set up to ensure an efficient and yet secure process for those arriving at Bristol Airport.

Immigration Minister, Brandon Lewis, has visited the new hall and has said: “This refurbishment is an excellent example of how effectively Border Force works with airport operators to provide an efficient and secure service for tourists, business visitors and Britons returning home.”

The airport’s chief executive Robert Sinclair said: “This new facility will help Border Force carry out this vital work in a modern, professional environment with support from the latest available technology.”

All in all this new refurbishment seems to be the right step for UK airports and other Airports should follow by example. The ever increasing threats faced in Airports today are minimized by such accomplishments and so the Government should look to complete more projects like this all across the country.