Brexit polls show Brits prioritise economy over immigration

In a recent Brexit poll it seems the public now favour the economy over full control of immigration.  Figures show that 49% preferred to stay in the single market rather than have full control of immigration. In comparison, 41% said they would prioritise immigration over the economy. These new findings show a shift of opinion as in January  44% prioritise the single market and 42% immigration control. Despite this immigration is still seen as “very important” or “essential” by more than six in 10 people.

London seems to have a clear majority on prioritising access to the single market. But among Britons, working-class people and those without qualifications, immigration is key.

Also, 29% of people believe that Jeremy Corbyn could get a good deal in Brexit talks, the survey revealed and 67% cent think he would fail.

Polls also show 36% believe Theresa May will provide a good deal while 60% think she will fail.

The poll suggests there would be support for Brexit Secretary David Davis if he can secure a trade deal that avoids a hard Brexit which he intends to do. He is also a favourite to replace Theresa May and become the next Prime minister.