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The future for UK immigration policy – regulation, enforcement and the Immigration Bill 3 March 2016 The focus: The future of Government’s immigration strategy. Context: Comes at a time of wide-ranging reform and policy development, including: The current Immigration Bill – which seeks to strengthen immigration law enforcement, introduce new sanctions on illegal immigration, and tackle exploitation of low-skilled workers; The Constitution Committee’s newly published report, which raises questions about the impact of the Bill on vulnerable asylum-seekers; The Home Affairs Committee Immigration: skills shortages report, with concerns about the working of the Tier 2 cap and its impact on net migration and economic aims; The Migration Advisory Committee’s forthcoming report into Government strategy to reduce non-EEA work migration; Measures set out in the Spending Review, including provisions to make passport applications digital, streamline the visa process and better identify those in the UK illegally; and The Office of National Statistics’ Quarterly Report, indicating a continued rise in net migration to the UK. Includes keynote contributions from Glyn Williams, Director, Immigration and Border Policy, Home Office and Dana Spinant, Head of Unit, Irregular Migration and Return Policy, DG HOME, EU Commission. Key discussion points: Illegal immigration and enforcement – challenges...