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Judicial Review and its principles

Judicial Review is a common legal remedy in majority of immigration based applications. One of the main reasons is for the withdrawal of appeal rights and the introduction of Administrative Reviews (AR). The scope of AR is limited and does not permit the Appellant to challenge a decision, or even requesting an application of discretion. Judicial Review has been a growth area of litigation. One of the main reasons in this increase is due to the increasing role of the Government regulating many areas of life. Public bodies take a vast number of decisions which impacts a persons day to day life. I hope the following will give you an understanding on the Judicial Review process and when to lodge one, as these can be quite expensive as well as serious implications to future immigration based applications. You must have a legitimate claim, and able to demonstrate that the decision was made unlawfully. The Court are now Jetly & Anor v The Secretary of State for the Home Department [2019] EWHC 204 (Admin), Mrs Justice Andrews DEB, made a serious remarks on the conduct of the lawyer representing the case in question, putting the matter to SRA for the lack of understanding...

UK Home Office to expand the use of ePassport gates to 7 more countries

The UK Home Office have announced today that from 20th of May 2019, they will permit visitors from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the United States to use the ePassport gates at Ports in the UK. It is a welcoming news given to smooth the process of entering the UK. The UK Government estimates that there were about 10 million people arriving to the UK in 2017. This demonstrates that making the entry to the UK easier and more smarter is good for business, making those low risk countries accessible to the UK. Home Secretary Sajid Javid said: Our new global immigration and border system will improve security and fluidity for passengers coming to visit or work in the UK. Expanding the use of ePassport gates is a key part of this and allows us to improve the passenger experience of those arriving in the UK while keeping our border secure. The new system will help to drive our economy, cement our reputation as a global leader and send a clear message to the world – the UK is open for business. Whilst the new system is going to be implemented, the new system will check and make...