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UK Dependent Relative Visa

If you are a parent, grandparent or another dependant relative of a British citizen or a person settled in the United Kingdom(known as your 'settled relative'), you can apply for permission to live permanently in the United Kingdom (known as indefinite leave to enter or remain). This is a UK dependent relative visa and allows you to come and live with your family indefinitely in the UK.  

We have one of the best team to work these complex visa applications, contact our team on 0207 237 3388 or e-mail us your query on To get a free case assessment and whether you meet the published requirements, complete our contact form by clicking here.

You can read reviews on an independent website, confirming the successful applications we have completed on behalf of a number of our clients. Click here to read more information

The main requirements of the visa

When applying for a UK dependent relative visa, you must be over 18 years of age and be a close relative (e.g. parent, grandparent, sibling or child) of the person sponsoring their application. The sponsor will be the family member in the UK and who can provide both personal and financial support to you.

There are strict eligibility criteria that must be satisfied in order to make a successful application under the UK dependent relative visa and as an applicant, you need to long-term personal care for the day to day activities. 

You also need to provide the correct medical evidence to support your UK dependent visa. The Home Office has a published list of documents you will need to provide in order to support the visa application. As part of the UK dependent visa, you will be required to submit a significant amount of documentary evidence to support your application. As an example of the specified evidence, you will provide medical evidence from your home country proving you suffer from the named medical conditions and that creates the need for a family member to provide personal care to you. 

In this application, the sponsor who will be usually based in the UK will provide evidence that they are settled in the UK. Those holding either refugee or under humanitarian protection can also bring their family members under the UK dependent visa. 


The processing times and requirements for the UK dependent visa usually takes around 12 weeks. There is no fast track process on these complex UK dependent relative visas. 

Language and Awareness Requirements

Applicants applying for a UK dependent relative visa, there are no language requirements to complete. 

UK dependent visa conditions

When your application for a UK dependent visa is granted, there is no time limit on your stay in the UK. You are not permitted to claim any public funds for the first 5 years and you will not have any restrictions on your stay in the UK. 

The UK dependent visa, once held for 5 years, will allow you to apply for British nationality. A lot of the requirements have changed on becoming a British national and more details can be found on the following page, click to read more on British nationality

Please note that once you have been granted ILR as a UK dependent relative, it is important to try to not spend 2 years or over outside of the UK, as this can lead to it being revoked. In order to avoid this, most migrants will be able to apply for British Citizenship after completing your 5 years residency in the UK. 

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