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Variety of UK family visa

UK visas:

UK visa refers to the authorizing credentials by which people have the rights to enter the UK, remain temporarily or permanently there. If you are issued a visa it means you have fulfilled all the requirements that had been given to you and you are eligible to enter the UK as well. However, people want to have the UK visas for different sorts of reasons including work and business purposes, study purpose, transit through the UK to another country and so on.

Required documents for UK visas

  • A fulfilled application form
  • Recently taken Photos
  • Valid passport
  • Detailed journey route
  • Payments documents of the UK visa application fees
  • Biometric information is needed if visa is applied for more than six months longer period. Fingerprints and photographs must be submitted to the application centre.

Types of UK visa

There are six different types of visa including work visas, business visas, study visas, visitor visas, family visa, settlement visas and Transit visa.

UK family visas

UK family visas allow certain family members to live permanently to the UK who have relatives holding another type of UK visa. There are different types of family visas including spouse visa, unmarried partners, grandchildren, parents and dependent family members. Extended family members are eligible to be part of the UK family visas as well. After they join, their relatives will have as the same rights and benefits as they are having.

Spouse visa

UK spouse visa is applicable for those who want to join their partners in the UK having British citizenship or holding indefinite Leave to remain. To be eligible for this category relationship must be recognized by the UK authorities. Applicant should be very careful aware of their documents and make sure they are legal. Visa may get refused if those are illegal.

Parent visa:

This visa is issued to parents holding British citizenship or settled persons in the UK. To be qualified for this visa the child must be younger than 18 at the time of application.

Child visa:

The children of a settled person in the UK are eligible to have a child visa. In this case, the applicant must be the dependent child living in the UK with parents who are making an application with the children for visa extension.

Settled in the UK if your partner dies:

This visa is issued to those who want to stay permanently in the UK as a former spouse visa, of a deceased partner or husband who was a British citizen or a settled person in the UK.

Separated or divorced dependent partner:

Separated or divorced dependent partner is issued to those who got divorced from his partner due to having domestic violence and other personal reason. The former partner of the applicant must be holding British citizenship or settled in the UK

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