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UK spouse visa document checklist

This article will present you the UK spouse visa document checklist for you to follow so as to ensure that you can adequately prove that you fulfil the financial requirements for the UK spouse visa application criteria.

Before we dive into the guidelines about UK spouse visa document checklist, it is vital to show the resignation. Advices you find this article does not compose as legal advice. This is just a guideline in order to make sure that your chances of the success of your applications are augmented. For the successful application procedures, you should better book an appointment with one of our consultants at ICS Legal. As legal immigration advisors they shared the information regarding UK spouse visa application. Let’s get started.

The required financial documents will have to be the sponsor’s financial income. If the applicant works in his own country, UK home office does not require submitting what he earns but the UK home office is keen to know that sponsor is capable to bear the living cost and other required cost of the applicant. The financial requirement now at present annually is £18,600.

UK Spouse Visa document checklist for meeting the Income Requirement – 2019:

  1. Relationship documents
  2. Sponsor’s employment Letter
  3. Accommodation documents
  4. Bank statements
  5. Monthly wage slips
  6. English Language eligibility requirements

You are still eligible to apply for a UK spouse visa if you are missing any of above documents. Even if you do miss any of the above documents, if you have a competent immigration consultant by your side, you are more likely to be eligible to apply for UK spouse visa and that is why ICS Legal is here to help you with.

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