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The hidden UK spouse visa cost in 2019

If you apply from outside the UK the UK spouse visa cost is £1,523. However, in terms of submitting application from inside the UK spouse visa cost is £1,033.

Document Translations

When documents are not in English or Welsh, There is required to include translation in the application. Surprisingly, you are not eligible to translate by yourself without taking any assistance from the home office. So, what amount does it cost? Generally speaking, it varies on the amount of documents those are required to be translated. However, if a document is essential to a visa application it will require to get translated. There are a list of credentials that needs to be translated which are following:

  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. Divorce Certificate
  3. Death Certificate
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Degree Certificate

It will cost about £60 for one page translation and £85 to translate a two-page documents.

English language test costs:

Not everyone will have to spend their money on English Language Test for their UK visas application. For instance, if you are applying from the country where most of them speak in English, what you require to present is your passport to fulfil the English Language requirement. People who apply from outside the UK need to meet the English Language Requirements. If they are submitting their application for UK spouse visa they have to confront A1 level English language test and in terms of spouse visa after having initially been granted a 33 or 30 months visa they have to meet A2 Level English language test. If you sit for IELT life skills set this will cost £150 for once.

Bank Statements

This cost will be applicable for sorts of people who have bank accounts for certain banks. There are few banks for example Coutts seem to charge for statements if you request to deliver you original statements issued by bank. Recently one of our clients was asked to pay £85 for the posing of 12 months’ worth of bank statements. However, some of the banks seem not be stingy.

The Immigration Health Surcharge fee

The cost of immigration health surcharge is now at £1200 for a spouse visa UK application from outside the UK and £1000 for applicants who submit their application from inside the UK. The government has planned to double the immigration health surcharge from 8th January 2019. The surcharge will increase from £200 to £400 per year.

 Lawyer fee

The processing and curbing the UK spouse visa requirements can be daunting. Thus most of the people prefer to take consultation from highly authorized and secured lawyer firm. The responsibility of Immigration lawyer is for how your application will be submitted without any difficulties and they will help you to process your application from start to finish. There are sorts of immigration lawyer who support their clients to process their visa. At ICS Legal, they charge £1,500 for full legal representation.

Accommodation Costs

In terms of renting house, there will no additional cost when your landlord or estate agent will presumably be glad to compose a letter for you for free. However, if the accommodation is owned then there can be additional expense related with your spouse visa application. For example, you must show the letter provided by mortgage provider or copy of the title register. However, when the property is not mortgaged or you have no letter a replicate of the title register can be obtained for £3. The greatest expense for some is paying a chartered surveyor for lodging a report that costs all things considered are £90. Hosing report is not essential if the accommodation that the applicant and sponsor will live is owned.

To conclude, some of the costs are necessary while some of them are optional. It is not a big deal which of these optional costs you choose to make, it is always great to know how much costs you will be paying in advance.

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