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Reasons for UK spouse visa refusal

UK spouse visa gets refused for a number of facts. For instance, there might be a loophole, flaw, insufficiency or factual error while submitting an application. These cause visa refusal that is decided by the UK home office. However, there might be other reasons which are as follows:

  1. Incorrect online application form: Submitting inexact application form may lead to UK visa refusal. For instance, many websites provide a variety of application to fill up. Applicants should do double check if it is accurate for their specific condition of the visa before submitting the application. Otherwise, it might increase the chance of UK visa refusal.
  2. Incomplete Information: Whenever you complete the information do not forget to check it multiple times. The authority who will either accept or deny your UK spouse visa application will scrutinize your submitted application and you must do it as well. However, it is suggested to inspect your application again and again even you have reviewed already. It will not hurt you rather it will save your precious time.
  3. Financial inaccuracy: This is the most common issues of visa refusal. The sponsoring partner must show to the UK home office that he is capable of maintaining the cost of his spouse. Earning £18,600 yearly ensures the eligibility that you are able to bear all the expenses of your spouse. You must show this financial proof to the UK home office. Insufficient and improper documents may lead to UK spouse visa refusal.
  4. English language requirements: English language requirements must be fulfilled by the applicants. The applicant needs to prove that he has a good command in English and these documents require submitting to the UK home office.
  5. Proof of relationship: This is the most contentious of all issues. If the couple fails to prove that their relationship is original and long-term then UK home office will refuse the visa. Since the authority does not know the couple personally so they do not require the personal information of themselves. People often consider their judgement by the UK home office depending on their race, ethnicity, religion or country which is incorrect consumption. Such applications are judged by the information of the legitimacy of relationships and genuineness. If a couple submits the application as they are both married but documents reveal their addresses are different. It might cause UK spouse visa refusal.
  6. Get professional advice: Most of the Applicants go through the website and follow the instructions from it. That is the biggest mistake of the Applicants. There may have the possibility of not having the latest information on the website because it might not be updated for a long time. In these circumstances, applicants must take consultation from the best UK Immigration Lawyers. Proficient solicitors are consistently updated about the latest legal.

However, as well as appearing all the causes, there might be other reasons for UK visa refusal. As the case of one applicant is distinctive than other applicants, it is worth remembering that each case is unique. The UK has some of the most rigorous immigration laws in the world and with Brexit, no one knows what effect may have on the other parts the immigration rules.

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