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Getting good UK immigration advice?

Getting good UK immigration advice?

I think it’s an important topic to discuss and understand. We know, and we are sorry to hear those who have lost loved ones or perhaps, have lost their employment or income. Covid-19 has been something no one had planned but we have to think ahead.

Getting good UK immigration advice is important, it is not simple enough to understand that we know which application to choose, or submit with evidences, we need to know whether that application is right for me or my family members. Even lodging an application correctly, will require you to submit all the right evidences and avoid an immigration application being refused.

I see, most people, looking at those who advise and using words such as experts and specialist, we would like to think at ICS Legal, we are. We have been dealing with UK immigration matters for the last 15 years. We have advised both private and business clients, on immigration matters and have built a strong reputation.

We see our UK immigration advice is a key element to who we are. We charge service costs, as we value our legal advice. We know our advice will help you, it add values to your future and you will look back to this, as money well spent. There are firms who do not charge or some who charge higher fees than us, we see those firms as them and us, as ICS Legal. We do not like comparing us with other firms, our clients continue to enjoy working with us and we hope to continue on our work.

Our Clients tell us that they enjoy working with us and how our work is comprehensive. We would like to always tell you where you are and how we can help. After 15 years, we are still here and we would like to think that we are doing our work to a high standards.

Whilst you may find useful information online or at the Government website, whether you speak to us or anyone, feel confident in the legal advice you are given. Whenever you speak to us, we will always put our advice in writing. This provides full confidence on our advice.

If you wish to discuss your immigration matter, please email us on or you can give us a call on 0207 237 3388.

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