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Immigration changes post statement of changes – 20th June 2022

Immigration changes The immigration policies will continue to change throughout the year, as the UK Government is now considering changing part of the Human Rights Act as well as other immigration policies. Nationality and Borders Act 2022 was announced to bring into a number of key changes and I am sure we will be speaking about this in the coming months. Here is the key summaries to changes which will apply from tomorrow onwards: High Potential Individual (HPI) route is a key driver to the UK Governments policies to attract the best talent and increase on entrepreneurship. The visa is granted for 2 years and you must have been granted a qualification in the last 5 years from a listed number of universities in the world. Most of the universities targeted are from the US. We know that economies thrive in entrepreneurship, so it's not surprising about the list. For example, MIT graduates are renowned for their tech start-ups. Its an exciting visa category and is giving people from the best of universities to come and work/start-up in the UK. In terms of the Scale-up route visa, is a contrast to the HPI visa because it is to allow those...