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UK Visas and Immigration – Statement of Changes in brief 14th May 2020

The UK Visas and Immigration team have announced changes on the 14th May 2020. Here is a summary of the changes and you can speak to us on 0207 237 3388. You can also email us As part of the UK's new policy on the devolved government, a person who was born in Northern Ireland, would be able to bring their family members and can apply for an immigration status. This is regardless of whether they are Irish or British or both. The provisions of the domestic violence applications under the EEA regulations have been amended. The Start-up and Innovator categories are for business founders who have been endorsed by approved bodies as having innovative, viable and scalable business ideas. Changes are being made to make it clearer that, to be endorsed, applicants must be founders of their businesses and be relying on their own business plans. These changes also clarify that an Innovator applicant’s business may be already trading, providing they were one of its founders. A change has been made to the requirement for students sponsored for their studies in the UK by a government or international scholarship agency, to obtain written consent from the relevant organisation. The change...