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New reforms planned by the UK Government on visa categories

It is quite interesting to view the UK Government's opinion in terms of the impact migration has to the UK, and the benefits it brings about. The Entrepreneurs Network published a very detailed report on the major contribution foreign-born entrepreneurs are making to the UK economy. The reports provides important factual data, that demonstrates that migration plays an important role towards our economy. For example, 49% of the UK's fastest-growing startup companies have at least one immigrant co-founder. According to the report, since the Post-Study Work Visa route was withdrawn the UK's global market share of international students has fallen from 12% in 2010 to 8% in 2016. That does not surprise me at all, as the entire immigration programs have been drastically changed or removed, impacting the very essence of how important migration is to the UK. A perception that the Government has created whereby everyone is either coming to take our jobs or being reliant on the State, which is not true. This moves us to the new "digital transformation" that the UK Home Office have moved their immigration systems to. I welcome the news that the new partner for the UK Home Office, Sopra Steria have ended their relationship with an immigration firm. What...