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No deal arrangements for EU citizens & family members

As the UK Government is going through negotiations, it is important that EEA nationals and their family members understand their legal rights.  EEA nationals will have right to enter the UK but these will be limited. The following is a short summary of what has been proposed by the UK Government. For stays longer than 3 months, European Temporary Leave to Remain will be required. If the UK leaves the EU without agreeing a deal, the government will seek to end free movement as soon as possible and has introduced an Immigration Bill to achieve this. For a transitional period only, EEA citizens and their family members, including Swiss citizens, will still be able to come to the UK for visits, work or study and they will be able to enter the UK as they do now. However, to stay longer than 3 months they will need to apply for permission and receive European Temporary Leave to Remain, which is valid for a further 3 years. EU citizens wishing to stay for longer than 3 years will need to make a further application under the new skills-based future immigration system, which will begin from 2021.   The information set out today also confirms...