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2019 FAQs for the UK Spouse Visa

Having an expert UK immigration advisor provides you the tips on approaches to fulfil your spouse visa UK requirements 2019. Professional UK immigration advisor will ensure you that your application is complete along with UKVI standards.

However, the UK Home Office has not made any drastic change to the spouse visa rules in recent years and not likely to be in the future. The article below will mention some of the questions applicants tend to have regarding spouse visa.

What are the UK spouse visa requirements?

  • Applicants are needed to illustrate that they fulfil the demands of financial requirements. Sponsors of applicants must earn £18,600 yearly.
  • Applicants must show that they meet the English language requirements. They should either take IELTS or have their educational qualifications assessed by UK NARIC.
  • The spouse visa application must show that the relationship is original and subsisting.
  • They must have intention to stay together in the future.

These credentials are preliminary required to be fulfilled.

How long spouse visa will take to process?

Home Office is more likely publish result whether the applications has been granted or not within 12 weeks. Applicants have the options of keeping their applications on priority based that puts the applications ahead of queue.

What are the financial requirements for UK spouse visa?

Sponsors are required to proof that they are meeting the financial eligibility requirements. Income of £18,600 per year is required if applying for one dependent. The threshold is higher for applicants applying with children.


What are the credentials needed to be fulfilled?

Applicants are inspired to submit documents so that their applications would strengthen. Normally the credentials that are required to be submitted include:

  • Documents confirming how the sponsor or applicant would the financial requirements.
  • Documents those are confirming that their applications are meeting the English language requirements.
  • Proof of accommodation available to the applicant in UK
  • Evidence of relationship of the applicant and sponsor which are including chat history, call logs, joint back accounts statements and so on.

Am I eligible to work on UK spouse visa?

Without restrictions you are able to work with your UK spouse visa. After being on the spousal visa for a total of five years, you must show the proof to the UK home office that you and your sponsor are living together after which you may be eligible to apply for ILR.

Can I study while holding UK spouse visa?

If you are in a relationship with a British citizen who is settled in UK and can stay in the UK without any immigration obstacles, you can apply to enter or remain in the UK as their partner. While you are on spousal visa you can study or work as long as your spouse visa is valid.

What are the requirements to extend UK spouse visa?

Applicants who are looking to extend their UK spouse visa are required to meet the certain requirements. Applicant must demonstrate that their relationships are still subsisting. Moreover, they require to show that they continue to meet the financial eligibility requirements and English language requirements.

What is the cost for UK marriage visa?

The UK visa fee for spouse visa application is around £1523. Additionally, the applications are required to pay immigration Health Surcharge that is £600. Applicants who are wishing to get married in the UK and not eligible for the spouse visa are needed to apply for marriage visit; the visa fee for the same is £93.

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