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Statement of Changes coming into force 28th Dec 2017

Statement of Changes coming into force 28th Dec 2017. Changes relating to immigration bail The Government proposes to commence Schedule 10 to the Immigration Act 2016 as soon as practicable. Schedule 10 introduces a new provision of immigration bail and repeals the existing powers of temporary admission and temporary release. The changes in this Statement of Changes relate to the rules concerning applications for entry clearance, leave to enter or remain, further leave or indefinite leave in various scenarios. The common factor in each case is the relevance of the applicant having last been granted, or being currently on, temporary admission or temporary release. Those who were granted and remain on temporary admission or temporary release on the date on which the provisions of Schedule 10 are commenced will automatically be treated as if they had been granted immigration bail. After that date, temporary admission and temporary release will no longer be granted, and immigration bail will be granted instead. However, for some time after the commencement of the provisions in Schedule 10 there may be individuals whose earlier grant of temporary admission or temporary release is relevant to their application. Accordingly these references in the rules are preserved to ensure...