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Same Day Visa Premium Service

ICS Legal provides fast track premium service on the majority of the in-country applications. The premium service allows the Home Office to make a decision on your immigration application within the same day however some applications may take longer to complete. Our Same Day Visa service delivery is to ensure that we provide exceptional service to our clients and ensure that we achieve your leave to remain in the UK.

Our legal experts take the time to check that there are no issues on your application and we work with you in delivering solutions that meet your individual needs. Our Same Day Visa Premium Service Management Team and our Lawyers are experienced, capable professionals who make your journey through the solution delivery lifecycle of our premium service from initial instruction to ensuring the application meeting the strict Immigration Law to working with the Home Office caseworkers to complete your application.

What is Same Day Visa Service / Premium Service?

Your application will be submitted, considered and Immigration Visa granted on the very same day.

What are the benefits?

  1. You do not have to wait for a long period to receive a decision on your application from the Home Office.

  2. Your Same Day Visa Service / Premium Day Service will be handled by a qualified Immigration Lawyer. 

  3. Your forthcoming travel or holiday plan will not be affected. 

  4. Immigration Visa on the same day.

What type of applications can be considered on the Same Day Visa Service/ Premium Service?

There are basically two categories of applications that would be accepted on Same Day Visa Service / Premium Day Service by the Home Office. They are Non- Biometrics Applications and Biometric Applications. In the Biometrics Applications on the Same Day Service or Premium Day Service, it would include both the Points Based System Applications and the Non-Points Based System Applications.

What type of visa is eligible on the Same Day Visa Service / Premium Day Service?

Applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain or ILR from the following categories:

Applications for an extension of stay in the UK in the following categories:

  • Point based applications. 

  • Standard visitors. 

  • Overseas qualified nurse/ midwife.

  • Private servant in a diplomatic household.

  • Dependants of exempt HM Forces.

Applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK as the partner of a person present and settled in the UK: 

  • Spouse / Civil Partner of a person present and settled in the UK.

  • Unmarried / same-sex partner of a person present and settled in the UK.

  • Bereaved partner.

  • Transferring your conditions of stay or switching your indefinite leave to remain, to the new biometric residence card. 

Optional Premium Services Application Fee Outside the UK  


Current Fee

New Fee From 6 April 2017

Fee Change

Priority visa service - settlement




Priority visa service - non-settlement 



Super priority visa service  £750  £919  £169 

 Optional Premium Services Application Fee in the UK  


Current Fee

New Fee From 6 April 2017

Fee Change

Priority service




Super premium service 



Mobile premium service   £4,500  £5,513  £1,013
Application in person (super premium and mobile premium services) £500  £590  £90
Premium status checks and advice (Administrative Officer) (per minute) [note 3]  £0.80  £0.80  n/a
Premium status checks, advice or training (Executive Officer) (inside office hours) [note 3] £0.88  £0.88  n/a
Premium status checks, advice or training (Executive Officer) (outside office hours) [note 3]  £1.10  £1.10  n/a
Premium status checks, advice or training (Higher Executive Officer) (inside office hours) [note 3] £0.97  £0.97  n/a
Premium status checks, advice or training (Higher Executive Officer) (outside office hours) [note 3]  £1.23  £1.23  n/a 

Frequently asked questions:

 1.Can you guarantee a slot?

 No, we cannot guarantee a slot will be allocated. It would depend on the demand and availability at Home Office on that particular week. It is also beyond our powers and control as the slots are allocated by the Home Office. If any adviser provides you with a guarantee then they are not being honest as the slot booking rules are the same for every PEO representatives. Everyone PEO Representatives will have to send their request at 9 am every Monday for a slot five weeks in advance.

 2. Do I need to come to Home Office to submit the application?

 You do not need to come to the Home Office to submit the application as that would be the responsibility of the Immigration Lawyer assigned to your case for the day. However, you need to be present with your dependants to provide your Biometric Evidence at Croydon.

3.Will I get my visa on the same day?

 Normally it would be the case. But now the Home Office is requesting the PEO Representatives to come back the next day afternoon for collection.

4.Will I get my Biometric Residence Permit on the same day?

 No. Your Biometric Residence Permit and your dependants will be forwarded by post to our office within 10 working days by the Home Office.

5.What if you do not receive the Biometric Residence Permit after 10 working days?

 Our Immigration Lawyers will chase it up with the Home Office on your behalf.

6. Can I travel abroad?

 You should not travel until you get your Biometric Residence Permit


 How to make an enquiry on Premium Day Service to our firm?

 1.Please email us if you meet the above-listed requirements with all the necessary information and/or if you have any other queries which have not been answered by the Frequently Asked Questions to

  2.We will respond to your email if we could assist with a spreadsheet provided by UKBA for slot booking. You would need to insert all the required information on the spreadsheet to facilitate the slot request.

  3. Upon receiving the completed spreadsheet, we will send you our official bank account details for you to transfer a non-refundable deposit of £100 to request for “ONE” slot booking. Please take note that the service is not free but chargeable and it will not be refunded in the event the slot is not granted by UKBA subsequently. We will automatically make the second slot request the following week Monday morning if your visa does not expire by then. As explained earlier, that we do not have control of the slot allocation by the UKBA. We have successfully managed to secure slots in our first request and there are times we have not been able to secure as there were too high demands for slots during a particular period of time. All these information are given for you up front so that you can make an informed decision of whether to use a Premium Day Service or not. In certain situations it may be appropriate for you to have postal applications only instead of a Premium Day Service, a decision which you have to take weighing your urgency, premium slots availability and visa expiry date.

  4.Lastly, a polite request to potential clients is that please, do not contact us with enquiries for which the answers can be found on this page as we cannot say anything different to you over the phone or by email. You would have just wasted our time and your time.

 5.Premium Day Applications requires candidates to be organised, forward thinking, plan in advance and have documentation in order and to contact us at least five to six weeks in advance to increase the chances of securing a Premium Day Slot.

If you have taken up our premium service, please read the section to understand the process and how we will be managing your appointment. If you are looking to take up our service, please contact our team on 0207 237 3388 or e-mail us on

Note 3: Administrative Officer, Executive Officer and Higher Executive Officer are Civil Service staff grades​

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