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Representation to the Home Office | Challenging decisions from the Home Office

To submit a written representation to the Home Office is more useful when you do not have a right of appeal, but can also be used when you do have a right of appeal. The aim of written representation is to persuade the refusing officer to reverse his or her decision in light of new evidence or clarification on points raised by the original refusal received.

Where an application has been submitted and you require further representations to be made to the Home Office, ICS Legal can carry this out. We have an up to date working knowledge of relevant case laws and precedents and can access and use them effectively when making representations on your behalf. 

We also have detailed knowledge of the types of evidence needed to support applications outside the Immigration Rules and how to obtain them, and also the relative weight to be attached to different types of evidence. E-mail us your enquiry on Alternatively you can complete our contact form by clicking here

How to address a Representation

Written representation will sometimes provide more documents, information or clarification on issues that the refusal may raise. The refusing Officer may be pleased with the additional information and be willing to reverse their earlier decision. However, please note that in some cases, rather than further representation, a new application altogether may be advisable. Although, when you have a right of appeal, you should make sure that you do not lose your right to appeal while waiting for a response from the refusing Officer.
When you have no right of appeal and you feel that the refusing Officer is wrong for whatever reason, it is best to forward detailed written representation, inviting the Officer to reconsider the decision. Although there is no time limit as to when you should do this, it is best to do it not more than a few days immediately after the refusal. If you are advised to re-apply, it is necessary to include information as to why this new application is different from the one refused, highlighting new or additional documents and information. Written representations are more successful with the UK Home Office than with a UK Embassy. You can appeal, if you have a right of appeal, and still provide written representation at the same time. This way, you will not lose your right of appeal, which must be lodged by a certain date, as the reply to the written representation may come some days after the time limit provided for you to appeal.

How can ICS Legal help me with a Representation to the Home Office

If your representation is not successful and you do not have a right of appeal, good lawyers in the UK may be able to "claim a right of appeal" for you. If not, perhaps Judicial Review will be the answer to your matter. As you may be aware, it is always necessary to tackle the grounds upon which you were refused, because any application you may make in the future can be refused also on the basis of the outstanding points, except the new application deals properly with the points raised in the last refusal.

Your legal case worker at ICS Legal will ask you to come and see us at our office to discuss your case, understand what has happened and what representations have been made if any. As part of our detailed consultation, your case worker would be taking detailed notes and we would look to see what would be effective for you.

Advice would be given in line with:

  1. Grounds for applications.

  2. UK Visas and Immigration practice in the consideration of cases. 

  3. UK Visas and Immigration concessionary policies. 

  4. UK Visas and Immigration IDI’s.

We are experts in UK Immigration and would be able to serve directions to the UK Home Office if there has been an unlawful decision served, delays on your application or failure to consider your case properly.

Call us today on 0207 237 3388 or e-mail us your case details to If you have been detained or have been served removal direction, please inform us immediately as you may have 5 working days to appeal. 


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